Blender Video Tutorial - Assassin Creed Origin Khopesh sword

in dtube •  9 months ago

Last weekend I bought a new PS4 game "Assassin Creed Origins" which inspired me to design the Khopesh Sword that I use in the game. In this post / video I will show the end to end process on how I modelled and rendered it.

Please see the video for details but the basic steps are the following:

  • Add Reference image to Blender. I used it for the Top view.
  • Add a regular plane as a starting point and cover the reference image by extruding the vertices and edges
  • Once the model is covered I have extruded it to give it thickness
  • Where the blade is I merged the two vertices using "merge at centre"
  • I added edges to the handle and extrude inwards for the grip
  • After the blade was complete I added a another plane for the background
  • I split the plan in multiple sections and applied some Random hills to it.
  • Finally I rendered the scene using 600 samples.

I hope this tutorial was helpful. If you want to see more Video tutorials than please let me know in the comments.

All the best!

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This is a very cool design - you better watch out if your kids will eat their hands on this haha


Thank you, yes they asked already if I can print it out as well :-)


Haha I am not surprised- btw what time is it over there ?


It was around 2am in the morning. Far too early but I couldn't sleep :-)

I'll have to give this a try sometime.

I was actually just about to start recording a video about using the Onshape online CAD tool to create a plain keyring for any cryptocurrency using much the same general method (draw over an image) XD

This beats my video idea out of the water by 100X hehe.


Thank you very much. I like to get better with making videos but we all need to start somewhere. I would like to see your designs as well.


Well this was a pretty clean video, and the music went very well with it.

Just published my video on using Onshape to make a simple 3d printable keychain with much the same principle of drawing over an image and extruding, I'd live it if you could tell me what you think.

It's the first video I ever made 😅

Wow soo amazing!!


Thank you very much.



Thank you.

congrats @tarekadam very amazing sword :)


Thank you, yes I like the shape of it as well.

Nice post sir.Upvote and resteem done.

oh that is very cool great video liked it :D

wow the design is actually wonderful great work

Mind blowing video truly awesome that was to see