Is Instagram still a good idea in 2019? // Exclusive DTube video 279

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After yesterday exclusive DTube video where I talked about combining social media (watch the video here:!/v/tanbay/1paowtcq) it got me thinking: Is Instagram REALLY still a good idea in 2019? I talk about my thoughts on this in the video above. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and let check out my IG if you like, my name on there is @tanbaytv :P

Take a look at the top 50 DTubers for January 2019 in my video here:

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Not a good idea, it's all just advertising these days


Way too much advertising for sure

Instagram is now full of bots. It is still very popular and you can use it to be in touch with people and get some business but it is not as good as a couple of years ago.

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It was definitely so much better a few years ago I agree :S

Still waiting for Instagram Monetisation that was promised


Very true actually :S