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In a world where electronic music is increasing in popularity and ‘real’ music gets left behind it is refreshing to hear that there are still musicians out there who know how to write music that actually moves you and really rocks. This is definitely the case with the Italian metal band Bad Bones and their album ‘High Rollers’.

If you are into 80s metal such as Van Halen and 90s Rock such as Guns’n’Roses then you will love this quartet and the album High Rollers.

The album starts off with the track ‘American Days’ and the intro reminds me off Van Halen which obviously makes me like this band straight away. The vocals of the lead singer are outstanding and this band has such a rich sound it is hard to believe that they are only a quartet.

The second track is called ‘Lost again’ and it’s got much more of a Rock vibe to it which is a nice surprise shows how versatile this band is. The chorus is extremely catchy and I can imagine this being sung along to in stadiums. The singer also sounds extremely American and doesn’t seem to have an Italian accent at all.

Track number 3 is called ‘Wild Rose’ and features an amazing bass intro followed by a very melodic guitar. This track is once again a little different from the previous 2 and I like how positive this song is. What I also really like about this track are the vocal solos as the singer has a voice that is very easy to listen to yet it’s still interesting enough so that you want more.

‘Midnight Rider’ - Track 4 almost has a slight blues-rock vibe to it at first and it really is the perfect song to listen to going on a ride with a motorcycle at midnight. The guitar riff for the verse is and pre-chorus is extremely catchy and makes this song stand out.

The fifth track is called 'Solitary Fields' and it starts off with a sweet bass intro followed by a mini guitar solo! Once again the guitarist is killing it in this track but the bassist is also doing a great job. This is a very deep track and even though there is a lot of palm muted notes from the guitarist this track still rocks.

‘Now or Never’ is a very catchy pop-rock tune that is motivating to listen to and I really like the message of the song. It is rare that bands these days have meaningful lyrics as well as a sound that matches the message so to hear both of those things in this track is very refreshing.

The 7th track is called ‘Blood Trails’ and this track will rock your socks off. The guitar and bass riffs in this track are very well thought through and the drummer is also worth mentioning here. My favourite part of this track is the pre-chorus riff with the ascending notes.

Track number 8 is called ‘Wolf Town’ and the change between hard rock riff and picked notes sounds really good to me. This is a track that many small town people will be able to identify with and I love the line ‘I gotta get away’ and the chorus line ‘the Wolfes are coming’.

The 9th track is called ’Story of a broken bone’ and it starts off with a catchy bass solo with a little help from the guitar. I love the bends that the guitarist does in the intro. It is rare that a band manages to capture the listeners attention from start to finish but bad bones does just that and they do a tremendous job.

The album finishes with the track 'Rock’n Me' which is a great track to end the album with as it shoes off all the strengths of this band. I love the line ‘keep on rocking me baby’ as it’s a very smart way of ending this album - it invites the listener to want more.

All in all this is a great album for anyone intro good old Rock’n’Roll and what makes this band stand out to me personally is the guitar and the solos in each song. However, not just the solos are outstanding, the simpler melodic parts are also very important as they are often very catchy and many guitarists don’t know when to stop using a million notes and keep it simple. Sergio Aschieris does just that - he plays very ‘simple’ rhythm parts that make the listener remember the song but he really goes all out in his solos. Every single song on this album features amazing guitar solos that I could listen to for hours and that require years of training. The bass guitar and drums also do a fantastic job and Max Malmerenda has a voice you will want to hear more of.

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I gave a listen. Does sound 80's hair. Reminds me a lot of Motley Crue.

True that there is some Motley Crue vibes in this :) Thanks for checking out the music! \m/

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