It's Summer Try Getting Out!!! + AirBnb For The First Time!!!

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This weekend was fun I wish I would have got more footage but I was only in Ocean City, MA for two day's and it rained both of day's but unexpectedly upon arrival me and my friends decided to book a AirBnb (a guest home rental) and try it out for the first time and since we recently graduated we we're celebrating something we like to call Senior Week!!! Where our entire class of 2018 throughout the state's of Pennsylvania and Maryland all go turn up on the beach!!! It felt good to finally get out of my state for once, get drunk and some bud with my friends. I didn't get to get footage at the beach or on the crowded 3$ all day buses, filled wonderful polite people just ready to have fun...young and old. Wish I would of my brought my camera everywhere!!! Next time I will be sure to not stop rolling! I hope you guy's enjoy this video as well as I enjoyed my trip.



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This is your chance to work hard
Beautiful .. Thank you for the video
Great post , well done‏..

Thank you man, I will be sure to upload some more content daily and continue to contribute to the community!

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You right @swurve. It is always good to get outside and away from all the technology and enjoy the beautiful world.

Sometimes we forget the actual importance in life, like having fun! thanks for watching.

Great story thanks for sharing

Scccrrrr 🔥🔥❤️

Enjoy there and also record some moments for Dtube as well...we are waiting for that Video..Have Fun

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its lots of fun there

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

Just found your Channel and I subscribed and like the fact that you smoke too glad to see some more weed smokers like myself on phone here congrats on the video too

Yeah man not a lot of smokers and young personalities so im trying to bring a fresh feel, im glad you like my content! I wil follow back and be on the lookout for yours!

Awesome Story !

Hey mate, you might want to avoid using voting bots on DTube videos. DTube take a 25% cut of your earnings so you'll be out of pocket on this video.

i dont care about the money but thanks for keeping me updated anyway.

Sounds like you had a truck load of fun. Cool
Have even more fun man. 👌✊

Nice shoes BTW 😆

Haha thanks man, one of my favorite pairs of kicks

Nice. Can I steal em 😂😂.

What shoes are those BTW ?
Look sturdy like Jordans

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haahahaha nice video dude keep it up and dont forget to follow me back