Champaign ILL Review

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Champaign ILL is an American comedy web television series, created by Jordan Cahan, David Caspe, Daniel Libman, and Matthew Libman, that premiered on December 12, 2018, on YouTube Premium. The series stars Adam Pally and Sam Richardson and is executive produced by Cahan, Caspe, the Libmans, and Jamie Tarses. #YouTube #ChampaignILL #Rap


Champaign ILL is described as examining how "every rapper has a crew he can't live without...and vice versa" and exploring "how long the crew can survive without being in the limelight


Adam Pally as Ronnie
Sam Richardson as Alf
Keith David as Lafonso
Allyce Beasley as Gayle
Curtis Armstrong as Burt
Sabrina Revelle as Courtney
Danielle Schneider as Shayna
Jay Pharoah as Lou
Neil Casey as Craig
Rich Sommer as Zack Chevalier
Rhonda Dents as Lou's Mom
Adriyan Rae as Tasha
Thomas Barbusca as Cade ("Supreme Brick")
Matt Walsh as Lester Noyce ("Cherry Vintage Rascal")

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