A Valentine Message From @stellabelle

in dtube •  8 months ago

This video goes out to everyone who is not cuddling up with someone special this Valentine's Day. I have a special and important message for you: radical self-acceptance.

For those of you who just want to see the video in YouTube or cannot view Dtube vids, here you go:


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Great message! thanks for sharing and I hope we all reach that place of self-caring and acceptance.
meanwhile, I leave you with this!


Happy V-day!


LOL that is so great! :D


Love this!!!!!!


Glad you liked it


awww....thank you so much!!!!


You deserve it I'm happy because you like it
Thank you

I celebrated it with my son today since his father is away from us . And my love for my son only gets stronger and stronger as he grows .

Happy Valentine’s Day Stella !!

Thanks for this. This is really for people like us. Happy val to you at @stellabelle

Wonderful message. Self care gives opportunity for community love. Nice seeing your face. Happy val @stellabelle

Thank you so much for remembering that some of us are basically stuck to our laptop screens and have no one to celebrate with.

much love


i should have made a parody video of me kissing my computers


now I wonder why you didn't just do that.

would have capped my night ma'am

Wow! Valentine day is a special day for lover but not only that, to love one another, the video is quite interesting.

yup wrote about that this morning. It’s a sad holiday for many people.. loneliness can be a killer

This very nice post i appreciate your Valentine thanks for sharing this post.. Best of luck..

Well self acceptance in the sense that I've courted every girl in town and they rejected me because they think I spend too much time on my phone doing ponzi, how naive they are.

Cheers @stellabelle


Computers rarely let us down. We should make videos about kissing them...


Yes and that I will do in earnest lol

Valentine or not i will always love you dear. Great post.

It's important to learn how to love yourself before you can love someone else. Self acceptance is key!

If you don't love yourself, how can someone else love you? Gotta accept yourself and never let anyone affect you. It's true that by attachment we allow other people to affect and hurt us. Moving away from people without any emotions is truly a skill that you have to develop for a long time.

Things I learnt from this video

"Radical self acceptance".....when you radically accept yourself, then you will get to love every other person and you get to realise that you happiness isn't dependent on people...

"romance is transient , it will not make you happy"....

"Radical self acceptance takes time but it can be achieved "....

"@stellabelle you said you don't like and accept yourself but but you are working on it"....you have taken a step in the right direction dear and the first step was acknowledging that fact and then working towards a better you.

thanks for sharing this dearie...I have learnt from you today.


You are welcome! Thanks for actually listening to what i said and sharing your insights.

Happy Valentine's Day @stellabelle
You are full of love, continue being awesome.

I'm actually eating chocolates alone. I have never spent Valentine with someone, I usually feel bad other years. But i don't feel bad today because i have started accepting myself and learnt that my happiness is in my hands. thanks for sharing @stellabelle, Happy Valentine's day.

Is that actually you in the video? I have never seen you and you look radically different than how I expected you to look. For example, I never expected you to have a huge red heart on your face.

Yes I'm spending Valentine's Day alone. It doesn't bother me though because it means that I won't be spending a lot of money.


Yes, this is me. I have a huge collection of wigs, and i like to dress up, just as i did when i was a kid. I just never grew up....


what did you think i looked like, if you don't mind me asking?


Well I thought you would look like a very powerful business woman that is all about getting things done. Always wears a full suit, keeps her hair in a bun....... no time to chit chat. The fact that you look very down-to-earth is refreshing.

Happy Valentine's day to you. I really wish to write a poem for you. Hope you enjoyed yours? I did. First time i celebrated Val, i did at the orphanage and it was amazingg. What a feeling.


I had fun because I filmed with Steven today, which is always a riot.


Must have kept you really busy and i am sure it turned out okay. Hahahahaha Steven must be demanding? hahaha.

How can anyone have a sad day with a video like this. I am grateful to have things like this in my life. I have a special someone in my life it is called Steemit.

I don’t let days like today get me done for being single. I see all the fake glitter and just Hollywood fake glow around it. If someone loves you for the things you buy them they love the things you buy not you. I just like people I can have a good laugh with.

I like to keep busy and that is how I deal with life for now. Never been one into self help whatevers of the worlds. Sadly I look at a few of them and they seem to need believe what they are selling more then the people hoping what they are saying is true.

Special shout out to @nonameslefttouse for all the time you have made me laugh with your art and words. Most of the time them going right over this time traveling cats head.


People may think i am sad because i am single. The truth is I am quite full of joy, and experience love for many people. I am a loner, and have been for much of my life. The idea of "coupling" is a very foreign idea. Love comes in many forms....


I’ve seen people go to extremes once they found “the one” and I’ve just never understood it. They talk about all these things they will do for rest of their lives with a single person. I’m happy for if that’s what works for them. Then they just do oddest things they burn the bridges all around them put up a wall and declare its just them and their partner against the entire world.

I have times where I really enjoy being the lone wolf and then times I want and need community in my life. Life is so strange but that is part of the fun of it.

We don't celebrate Valentines, we show our love each and everyday of the year. I don't wait for the one day to express that. I think it's just a day for the shops to make all the extra money selling those chocolates.


yeah, maybe that is why it was invented.


I think you're right! 😃

I saw this a while ago in youtube =)
and I agree with you so much!... I just would add FIRST: GET TO KNOW yourself! We need to know our strenghts our weakness... accept them, then love! sure!=)
I just wonder, how to know if we love ourselves?o_o how to know if we accept ourselves? how to know if we KNOW ourselves?...
Also there is something I learned a while ago... first BE, then DO, then HAVE. People are struggling because they want to HAVE to be able to DO and then BE... no no no no...


good perspective! I agree! NIce art that i used, wow, i love your steem logo art.


I noticedededwdwdededed!!! I was going to mention that in my comment but after watching the video I completely forgot xD
Thanks for using it! I am glad you like it!

I share this day,this moment right here with you @stellabelle ...with much love from within...its always a great feeling working with like minded people like you...wishing you the best of love here on steemit...cheers

Everybody (stemians) loves @stellabelle.... your one of the beautiful bright stars on the platform !!!!!


Hey, thanks. It's nice to hear that....

That's really sweet... And yes not everyone has a valentine, and that's really okay. I've been single for a long long time, and that never bothered me.. I take myself out, I ate all the chocolates alone, I have a very beautiful & supportive family...

If you don't have a Valentine on Valentine's day; don't be sad. Most people don't have Aids on World Aids day as well...

Be Positive.. Love yourself and take care of the people who take care of you...

What makes my self acceptance “radical”?

I think I’ve only got self acceptance. But it is pretty radical. 😍

Thanks for that message. So true! Self-acceptance is so important!

Have a great rest of the day, Valentine's day! I'm solo this year, as opposed to the last two having someone in my life.

I enjoyed the video and the message!

amazing post my steem friend.

Valentine is a season of love. It is unfortunate that some of us spent this special day without a special somebody. Nevertheless, I comforted myself with the fact that once without a lover is not always without a lover. Next year will be good. Thanks for this additional comforting message @stellabelle. God bless you

Yes, yes yes! This.
I don't get why people get depressed if they're alone on V-day...so what's so bad about that? More candy, more wine...
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love love, I think it's great. But I also love me. So, I win either way :D


ha ha! Your message is hilariously candid.

YES, well said. Valentine's day is everyday when you know how to love yourself. Plus my spicy hot chocolate and a cuddly kitty are daily treats <3

How about the rest of us who isn't cuddling up with someone special because of some reasons best known to us?

Happy Valentine all the same

I love this! I'm so sick of being put down because I'm single lol.
Who cares!? LOL

I love us women who can be happy, and free without some partner in our life!


I love that you talk about accepting yourself first, Then possibly loving yourself at some point.
I feel like I love my inside self, My determination and work ethic, But on the outside not so much. So I'm still trying to accept my outer appearance, Which is something harder for me to do!


Romantic love is mostly an illusion. I look at this way: I don't actually "need" men....they are nice like dessert, and I love dessert, but I don't really "need" them to survive.

Very clever and amusing. You have a great voice.

Great message Stella.
I agree with you - self acceptance is key :)
Thanks for your follow!

I'm a sucker for Valentine's, whether alone or with someone it's a day to celebrate love, loving oneself, loving others and just loving it all!

Oh thank you stellabele for this refreshing video, I didn't even celebrate val cos it was all me, I felt bad at 1st because everyone has a boyfriend, girlfriend or friends to go out with except me, but I'm OK now, feel so much better, thank you. And happy Valentine too

What a fantastic message you gave here. Too many people think they need to be with someone to define who they are. Love this....<3

Thanks for the video Stella! This year Slothicorn was my valentine, and I'm feeling pretty good about it :)

Radical Self Acceptance.

Acceptance of self and others, I think this is very much tied together. Less judgment. More compassion.


Question for you... as a professional blogger...

I know there is this wild and crazy side of you that stuffs itself into your postings. How is your curation these days and letting by-gones by by-gones?

Two solid posts I've written lately you might like from a professional point of view, with the points I've put forth. One of them starts with the first president of the USA vs/Bitcoin and the other one is right after that...

Anyway, this is your invitation to take a peek. Don't upvote. Just look. Right now I'm more about readers than I am about votes.... and someone like yourself that understands quality vs quantity... I would respect your opinion to view it.

BTW, it would be rude of me not to say "Hi, how have you been"... so I am meaning that too. :)

I can almost hear you sigh and say "ohh, intelliguy, when will you learn?" --- sorry... I'm just me that way too...

This video goes out to everyone who is not cuddling up with someone special this Valentine's Day. I have a special and important message for you: radical self-acceptance.

The Video is for me then cus it's 1:16am over here and I'm still online on steemit trying to put up one or two things together and I don't have anyone to cuddle me throughout this cold night lol.

But then, I'm fine

Happy Valentine to you @stellabelle and thanks for sharing the video.

"radical self-acceptance" lol.... awesome advised

What a lovely message you gave on this Valentin's day, bravely accepting what is truly in your heart and don't depend on others for your own happiness! It is something easier to understand but hard to practice, we usually resist facing realities and it adds suffering to our pains! Your approach of Be Yourself, no matter what people would say make you different from others and this is what we all should be doing! Ah, we have been taught to be like others, be like artists, sportsmen, teachers but no one told us to do whatever you like and whatever you want to do! BTW, I loved the heart shape on your face, that was unique!
And thank you so much for your mention, I feel proud whenever someone remembers me in a positive way and it's value is more than the pending payouts of any trending post. You again gave me some extrinsic motivation through your words that will help me do something more in and outside of Steemit. Thank you so much :)

And how did you change your voice in the start of the video? It was cute :D


it's called 'fast speed'. All video editors has the slo mo and fast motion option.


Okay, I thought you changed your voice!

Smile! It's the second best thing you can do with your mouth. But I like the first one ;)

Nice One! Followed and upvoted. And Happy vday to you too!

What a beautiful and true message - if everybody would live like that this planet would be so wonderful. Thank you for this

Happy Valentine's day! . great video

@stellabelle you have been an awesome person from the first day i came accross your blog. You have always wow me with your writing and valuable informative piece.

I discovered another aspect of you since yesterday.. You are loving and caring person.

On this one about Valentine you just touched my heart. You see this is the exact reason i always call you Steemit Queen. Your great sense of humour is one thing that humbles me.

Thanks alot for this video. It made a whole lot of sense to me. I did my Valentine all by myself. So watching it cools me and calms me down.

Do I say you are adored by me or I love you?

Which ever one suit you the queen is ok by me.


I am me @brightfame

Great message. We must accept ourselves first.

Personally, I am not a big Valentines Day fan - even tho I do have a special Valentine in my life. I don't like that on this day I am supposed to have someone. No, I don't.

I wait til February 15, then hit the discounted chocolate shelves - by myself. That's probably the best thing about Valentine's day :)

hello @stellabelle
Just wanted to stop by to say thank you so much for having given me the delegation!! it was great while it lasted and I think all the freewriters appreciated the xtra voting power I was able to sprinkle on them.
Thank you so much!! You are the best!!

I love your self acceptance message and although I recently met Jeff, l spent most of my life single and was not unhappy because I learned how to love myself. You are a wise woman, @stellarbelle <3

Very true @stellabelle, Check out this other hilarious video about another romance most people need to part with! https://steemit.com/funny/@sauvage/the-loneliest-relationship

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.53.03 PM.png

When I saw this video, I was really happy for two reasons. First because you mentioned @ghulammujtaba in it and he really is a lovely guy- very compassionate and generous. Second, because it talks about how important it is to really accept yourself. I never had a problem with Valentine's but yeah I wasn't very accepting of myself for a long time back and when I pondered on it, I realized that was why I was going through a lot of emotional issues. Self-acceptance takes time to nurture. You cannot just go on to accept who you are in a day so you have to be patient with yourself there, but once you do get a little taste of what acceptance is, it does make things and life easier for you. Thank you @stellabelle for being yourself <3


thanks so much for your donation to slothicorn. That's so awesome of you.


Oh that was nothing compared to how generous you and some other people are here. I am trying to be more giving with time. :)