Derrick Broze | Who Will Find What the Finders Hide | Interview at Anarchapulco 2019 with TSOA

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Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network sat down with Carmen from TSOA at Anarchapulco 2019 to discuss his latest work on the Mysterious Cult known as the Finders.

The group was involved in several Legal Scandals that involved Allegations of Pedophilia and Human Trafficking, with the group having potential ties to the CIA and other Official Intelligence Agencies.

He also touches on his activism promoting awareness about the Health Concerns of the Federal 5G Roll-out, and the almost Orwellian Style Mandates of this invasive technology.

You can find the Video of him Testifying in front of Houston City Council Members about 5G Here:

Derrick is a one of a kind Activist/Journalist and an even more impressive Human, and we are very excited to have him as one of our Main Speakers at Anarchadelphia 2019!

Catch us both there in September!

Join The State of Anarchy, this September's Harvest Moon in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, where this gathering of like-minds aims to foster unbreakable relationships between the movement's leading forces whom teach self love and ownership, blockchain techno-economics as well as exposing the Earth's sacred hidden knowledge. Will we see you there?

You can find more information about Anarchadelphia on

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Thanks for this - it's one of the most important topics on Earth right now. I actually posted about the finders cult a few weeks ago after investigating the many videos on Youtube that appear to be directly attempting to program people and children using MK Ultra trauma based mind control style triggers:

The finders cult is referenced in codes on Twitter that were broken.


yep, this is where the title comes from. Please check out our documentary

I will, yes - I am partway through watching your interview here and just got up to the part where you started talking about this.

I'm glad to hear about your integration of inner healing/work into the physical world and realising outward change as a result of that through direct action. This is also how I live and have really invested over a decade into that in my own way - finding the balance between exposure and privacy for what is ultimately a very emotional and sensitive area is something I have needed to focus on a great deal. I created a social network a long time ago that focuses on healing, balancing and evolving - it's at - the Earth Heart community. You (and everyone) are welcome to participate if you like - maybe we can work together in some way? I also work with various groups in Britain who have been involved in exposing whistleblowers from technology D.U.M.B. and other related projects for over 30 years. In any case, thanks for being you and shout out to @stateofanarchy :)

@ura-soul thank you for supporting man! You as well @dbroze!