Donate to the Travel Reimbursement Fund for Steemfest - Dtube Exclusive

in dtube •  5 months ago

Steemfest is here again and would be taking place in Poland in November. Lots of fellow steemians would be there to grace the annual event organized for us. We would all love to be there, but for different reasons we may not be able to attend.
Let's help others who have the opportunity to go maximize their attendance and make steemfest a success once again. It's may be our own little contribution to make the steem platform a better place. Please do transfer something no matter how small. Thanks for all your support.

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We Should Start Planning for Next Year, This Year I am not even considering it. Join Me and @sergiomendes in saving up for Steemfest 4, It's Never too Early to Start Saving :)


That's a good one. Saving for Steemfest 4 ... okay, I'll start working on that. I must confess though, steemfest 3 still attracts my considerations, I'm just careful to rule it out. Who knows?

great job and great thinking dear!


Really appreciate, Bro.


Thanks a lot.