LeBron James | Examining his defense in 2019

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Honestly, it doesn't seem as bad to me as the vid would try to argue.... eh. Subjective material.

LeBron James was slammed for his defense in 2019. But how bad was he? Did he hurt the Lakers on D? This detailed film breakdown & scouting report examine the strengths and weaknesses of the LA Lakers star while incorporating analytics & stats to assess his defensive impact.

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Stats courtesy:
http://www.pbpstats.com @bballport

-RPM is ESPN's proprietary model that blends adjusted plus-minus with the box score
-PIPM is a hybrid model (box score and plus-minus) that "luck-adjusts" plus-minus data (regresses FT% and 3pt%) to account for noise and is more sensitive to a player's role/fit on a given team. Created by @JacobEGoldstein
-Luck-Adjusted RAPM is a pure plus-minus model adjusted for shooting luck, reducing some of the noise of single-season APM. It is most sensitive to role/fit of these three. Available at: http://nbashotcharts.com/home

Footage in this video is owned by the NBA and its partners. It is intended for critique and education.

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