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RE: 3 Tips To Make Steem Today: Utopian, DTube and Busy

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It would appear the suggested locations might be of value but only if your posts fit within a narrow subset of the possible range of content. In the future you should probably mention in some detail the content requirements of these organizations so that the majority of people do not have to go on their own and learn to their frustration that they material does not fit the requirements.

  • Everybody can post on Utopian! There are twelve categories and some of them work for all.
  • DTube is very easy for everyone with a smart phone.
  • And Busy has absolutely zero hurdles whatsoever.

I have many videos about all of them. This video was not meant to go into details. :)

Having read carefully through all the categoriees on Utopian they are all focused in specific related areas none of which would fit my posts of those of many I know and thus would not pass muster with the review board. This is quite unfortunate as it would be a great opportunity otherwise.

DTube requires that you are making videos. A lot of the best content simply isn't videographic in nature and a smartphone without editing is unlikely to be of great quality so Dtube might want to pass you over for that as well.

I'll agree there are no hurdles to Busy but as you yourself did point out in the video it is a game that pays those who are already popular and successful for their content far ahead of those trying to get started.

Please do not misunderstand. I very much appreciate the effort you have made to put this material out there and make it known to a larger number of people. There are many who probably will benefit from this and your interest in helping people get started is laudable. It is simply frustrating to learn after digging that these are more limited than one would have hoped and additional details and information on the topics are hand are always appreciated.

As you mention other videos you have made on the topic those will likely be worth a look as well. Perhaps if that is where the details are they will be of interest.

Which category works for all? The only one I would dare trying is the copyright category. That's because I think I can create a song and give it to open source. I'm not sure it will work but I'll give it a try. My 19 second video didn't upload even after several attempts. "Chrome has stopped working" is the excuse.
There is a nice pay out of 28¢ for me on Busy due to my 180 followers but I found that there is what looks like a limit of one rewarded post per day. We'll, that's not bad for sure.

The Blog category is the first that works for all. Suggestions and Bug Hunting are great for everybody. Visibility, Tutorials and Video Tutorials as well.

Only Sub-Project, Development, Graphics, Translation, Documentation and Copyright require very specific skills and/or should be discussed with the project owner.

I didn't see any blog category. Bug hunting is about finding bugs in an open source project. Suggestions are for open source projects. What's an open source project? Where do you find that? I guess if I have to ask these questions and make these remarks, I can stay on the sidelines, lol.

Utopian is 100% about open source software. Anki for example is open source. Blog posts are below „new contribution“ in the sidebar.

Thanks, I found it, made a post and after a short wait, I think it was approved by a mod. I look forward to seeing how much it will pay. With the rise of Steem, my 28¢ Busy posts are now 50+ ¢!
By the way, I made a funny memory post you might like:

The careful post I made on utopian in the blog category was rejected by a moderator the next day. Oh well, making a post a day on Busy is challenging enough and it's now worth 60¢ for me. That used to be the amount I would make in a month!! I'll stay focused on that. Thanks.

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