Vlog # 2 - neck fallen off... ( video about guitars.! )

in dtube •  9 months ago  (edited)

Here you can see something about guitars but be ready for a little shock.!

I recorded it on a Saturday morning after our "English it" @dcooperation video you can see here: https://steemit.com/dtube/@dcooperation/ok0o2pa2

Enjoy both videos and have fun.!

Take care about your gear as well ;p



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Ohhh that looks pretty bad :P Did you broke it? and will you pay the new guitar ? ;)


Nope ;p They told me something like that : " tragedy! ".

And I knew that it was about the guitar.

This young guitar player is a kid with a lot of energy... that is the reason. I guess he placed it too vigorously, it fell and broke.

Fortunatelly they have another, full size guitar.

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Haha okay cool :D So it is a good moment to change from kids to full size guitar and to take more care about these beautiful instruments ;D



Sometimes you need to suffer a bit to grow to a new level. You know : "diamonds are made under a huge pressure" :D

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