My Birthday Time With Me..

in dtube •  13 days ago

Hey Dear Steemains And DTubeNation.
This is my first post on dtube.
I am Sisir Hasan. I am Bangladshi, My born is here.

Today is my birth Day. I'm usually living alone. There is no one to share with anyone my feeling. I've made it myself.

But everything was burnt during the fire. I did not think it would burn everything in the fire.

But interestingly I got a lot of fun. I do not know why I am so excited today. I feel very good

From today I will start a new life in a new way. Always be inspired. I will be good with everyone. Try to stay cold all the time.

I gifted me today. I know it's funny, I like it.

Because I think people themselves are their best friends. And I'm my best friend. I understand that nobody understands me or understands me. No one else can understand my trouble except me.

So friends tell you, never get hurt. If you learn to love yourself, then you will always be happy.

Thanks friends for reading my content.

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Kahini ki dude


pura poro tahole bujhte parbe 😁

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