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Hey my fellow Steemians and now DTubers. I hope you are doing well. I thought I would do a quick introduction for DTube. Let’s get into it …


I work in the IT and Digital Marketing industry. It all started for me in 2010. So it’s been a good 8 years. I started looking into digital currencies in 2016. Got involved in mining and also invested in a few currencies.


I came across Steemit in the beginning of 2017, but only registered in October. I started working it in November, slowed down in December. I had to work in some friends, family and also required some down time. Got back in January and have been working it ever since. So far, so good ….

The goal with DTube is to get at least one video out per week. The idea behind content from me will be a mix of script, images and video.

This Is It From Me For Now 640 x 100px.png

To my fellow Steemians,
Thanks for being here. You're awesome and I appreciate you …

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It's good to hear that you've been working in the IT and digital marketing industry for 8 years. You are successfully registered with Steemit and are working. That will give inspiration to newcomers like us. I saw your video. It's very nice to have your words.


Hey @polashen, glad you like the post. Thanks for the feedback ... 👍

Great. Its good that u r from IT background coz i think u can make better videos this way


Hey @genelia, anything is teachable ... 🎓 ... The WHY? just needs to be big enough ...

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