First Play with me - Steem Monsters daily Quest. Getting Bronze I

in dtube •  8 days ago 

If You guys enjoy this I might do some more.

Hope You have fun with my suffering.

Will I get to Silver this season?

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Was really fun to watch you playing :)
You are playing very good :) It's just hard to win with the cards you have.
But if you keep doing your Quests I'm Sure you will get to higher Leagues soon :)

True. My cards are pretty shit. Eheh i should buy some more packs or try to rank better to get more reward cards by the end of each season rheh

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I bought Packs for 60$ and got lucky with 2 Legendarys :D But still most of my cards are only lvl 1 or 2

Whattttt 😮 I never knew you played steemmonsters.
TBH you play very well!
I didn't watch the entire thing. Like did you expect me to watch the entire 30 minutes? 🤣

Vid is kinda Laggy. But suppperrrrr entertaining. Can't wait for more!!!

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Of course... by the end I do a striptease eheheh jk i play now and then ans the fact it is lagging it is because my laptop sucks grrrrrrrrr. 😭😭😭😭

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Or maybe you need to tinker with the settings? I remember I used to have similar issues with obs but them YouTube was the star of the day that helped solve it.

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I actually think I have it in a way that won't ask too much from the laptop already, but maybe need to check that out :D

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