Could Hiding Metrics On Social Media Be A Way To Censor You?

in #dtube5 months ago (edited)

We've seen Instagram hide likes, will other platforms follow and what precedent will this set for their capacity to censor content?

It is released under the guise of combating social media addiction which I wholeheartedly support, but what concerns me is how it could pave the way for making it very easy to manipulate what you see and consume online.

How will this affect your social media experience? Will it help or hinder it?

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!

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I think it’s more of a way to obfuscate the decline on actual engagement on thee dying platforms and hide it’s slow decline now! It was all surface level engagement and vanity metrics to begin with that meant little to nothing and now that people are leaving they need to hide it to keep users and media from finding that out and masquerading it like it’s better for the experience

Organic social died a long time ago, it’s really a pay to play platform these days

Let us hope you are correct!

You know I hadn't actually considered it was to hide the general decline in engagement. That's a really good point!

That's exactly what it is. No doubt about it.

The only bright side is that it's not actually in the social media companies interests (whether they understand that or not) and will make them lose ground to smaller competitors like Steemit! (Yay!!!!)

Yeah I absolutely agree hopefully it will be their downfall


Social media has allowed people to lose sight of reality. People literally sleep, eat and breath social media to the point where their internet lives take over real life and destroys their social skills and personal perception.

Thanks so much and yeah absolutely, but then where do we draw a line between helping addicts and censorship

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