A Drive Thru Talara, Peru

in dtube •  last month  (edited)

Click on the image above to watch a fun/short video.

Ohhh Talara here we come. I really do not like leaving the town of Lobitos but every once in awhile I am forced to out of necessity. Today was one of those days. Talara is actually a nice city to visit so pleas join us for the ride. It looks completely different from the desert landscapes of Lobitos which is a short drive away. We just checked the cars oil so we should be good to go...don't worry about that rattling sound coming from the engine. Hold on tight because here we go.

So we had to head into town today for supplies...which means that we went into Talara, Peru. The town of Lobitos, which is where I live, has limited supplies so we need to leave every once in awhile. Why don't you hop into the car with @sandflea and take a tour of town as we get out chores done. Sit back and enjoy the view.

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