Wardruna and Aurora - Helvegen (Live)

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Helvegen (here featuring Aurora) is a song about death, dying and remembering those who have passed. About crossing over and about letting go. It is a song about searching for lost songs and old traditions.

Filmed by Broadstone Film at Bergenhus Fortress in Bergen, Norway on August 22 2018. Sound recorded by Stein David Baastad. Mixed by Iver Sandøy/Solslottet Studio.


Eg songane søkte
Eg songane sende
då den djupaste brunni
gav meg dråpar så ramme
av Valfaders pant

Alt veit eg, Odin
kvar du auge løynde

Kven skal synge meg
i daudsvevna slynge meg
når eg helvegen går
og dei spora eg trår
er kalde, så kalde

Årle ell i dagars hell
enn veit ravnen om eg fell

Når du ved helgrindi står
og når du laus deg må rive
skal eg fylgje deg
yver gjallarbrui med min song

Du blir løyst frå banda som bind deg
Du er løyst frå banda som batt deg

The Way to Hel

I sought the songs
I sent the songs
when the deepest well
offered drops so mighty
of Valfather’s pledge

I know it all, Odin
where you hid your eye

Who will sing me
in the death-sleep sling me
when I walk the road to Hel
and the tracks I tread
are cold, so cold

Early or in fading day
still the raven knows if I fall

When you stand by the gate of Hel
and when you must tear loose
follow you I shall
across the bridge of Gjöll with my song

You become free from the bonds that bind you
You are free from the bonds that bound you

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