Hexstatic - 'Ninja Tune'

in dtube •  15 days ago 

Hmm ...

"no operating system" ... people used to do it


.. NASA put a rover on Mars ... they did that so , how hard could it be to try and cap STEEM and still make it work for the primal DAPP ? arent there like lots of structured people with brains here ?
it's certainly common ground, if ever there's anything to get together for instead of the same old 1920s marketing bs ... a yae, copyright huh ? well, ... youtube !

Taken from Hexstatic's album 'Rewind' - released 1 August 2000 on NTone.

Buy at the Ninjashop: http://bit.ly/V4yFIo

Download Ninja Jamm, the new remix app from Ninja Tune, FREE via the App Store: http://www.itunes.com/apps/ninjajamm


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