A Mind Is Born (256 bytes) by lftkryo - 1h version

in dtube •  14 days ago 

256 bytes ... heh ...

i seem to get a bit or two in again in the last few days, on morgan, on tyr, on the sp api ... and as for my supreme autovoters (also referred to as my 'army of bots' i read once lol)

i'm trying :

$ ./count.sh0
bash: ./count.sh0: Permission denied
$ chmod +x count.sh0
$ ./count.sh0
      1 @mobbs
      1 @socky
      1 @pennsif
      1 @muscara
      1 @bengy
      1 @steemmonsters
      1 @steemknights
      1 @mytechtrail
      1 @simonjay
      1 @blocktrades
      1 @drugwars
      1 @rudyardcatling
      1 @futuremind
      1 @isaria
      1 @papa-pepper
      1 @wakeupkitty
      1 @bengy
      1 @muscara

i just cleared the list this morning so thats certainly not everyone, like this if i keep track of max 50 accounts there's room for extras, for newbies from the feed , a few of my own and since only one account can have one entry at one time it will never run into voting on posts past expiry date.

Thing is, i still need to "manually" (=lol) select when i have a double entry per account in the list , it's not an a.i. but should shave off a few seconds a day giving me about 0.1 second more to do stuff as the rest will evaporate into chaos .. sounds fair TO ME like that ... :) people who post more should still get more than those who post once a week or month as it continuously shifts ... the TIME I HAVE PUT IN THIS STEEM THING? wurz mah money , l o l ...

Kudos to lftkryo for this epic stuff - check out the site of his project to get in touch with everything you need to know: https://linusakesson.net/scene/a-mind...
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