Dtube Sunrises Episode 3 - What has Been the Most Difficult Thing for You at Steem.

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I know for me it's being able to keep up and grasp all the Dapps and new Tokens coming out. It's a real brain buster for me.

Also just being a little impatient for the price of steem to appreciate has taking a little toll on me as well.

How about you ? What has been difficult for you at Steem ?? Maybe it's trying to keep up with Comments on your own blog and responding to them all. Or how about making more and more Comments on others' blogs ? I know that can be a challenge for me sometimes.

#DtubeSunrises is a new Initiative and Tag I started that highlights beautiful morning sunrises while commenting on Life and the Blockchain. As always Full Powered upvotes will be given to people who post pics/vidoes of their own beautiful sunrises :)

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I am still passionate about steem,

following my sunrise photo

images (3).jpeg

The most difficult things for me in steem is I can't understand about many dapps and
tokens that just came out. Its hard for me to learn it.

Here my sunrise, Robert.


This is really good sir you always to to keep active and make busy to people on STEEM throughout different concept.

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The most difficult part..I still trying to figure out the Dtube curation system. How and what they curate. ...

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I think mine is going to the same as a lot of other people. My biggest difficulty on Steem is pouring my heart and soul into something so fully and only getting a minuscule fraction of what the crap posts on the trending page do. That is my biggest issue :) Probably that and remembering to separate everything so that I am giving quality time to each aspect of my life and not too much or too little to one or the other.

We find it difficult to develop in Steem because there is no concern from the Indonesian popes, they only help each other people they know, while those of us who do not know them must try to get themselves up step by step, including buying bots to raising our posts. .


Bek neu gabuk2,itupu le kurator indo nteuk ji yeuh teuh..😁.

i love sunset

I will say my own is the ability to avoid the urge of powering down everytime