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RE: DTube Exclusive Video #121: Philippines VLOG!

in #dtube3 years ago

So cool!!! Love how you put the clips altogether especially the video footage on Kalanggaman island!

And those kick! ;)

6 days! definitely not enough, but at least I got to too see you both and a great time. Still laughing about the boiling soup and the failed ice cream!

btw, what luggage did you lose?

Resteemed! <3


Hahah the ice cream will be a memory forever! So funny. And we lost our luggage coming into Cebu, but they found out that it just hadn't ever left Manila, so we got it later in the evening. Thank you friend!! Glad you liked the video, and so stoked that we got to meet up! Thanks for being flexible and working with our schedule! You're the coolest

that's weird, I thought they put the luggage in the same plane you're flying in, good thing you got it back.

Oh I don't like it....

I love it!, ;D

Same here, hope you're doing well and enjoy every little freedom you have, ya know, haha! Can't wait to travel abroad again, hopefully, will bump each other in one of the 50 states ^_-

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