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Hey Guys, Hope you are having a good day ...

In this video, I have discussed some tips for newbies those who don't have followers plus they don't know where and how to promote their content. Obviously, first, you have to write good quality original content and after that, you have to promote your content and it's really necessary to get some exposure from others for your content otherwise without promotion nobody gonna sees or know about your post, remember that always. Use different social media to promote your post.

Enjoy the video...



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Hello there, @priyanarc!

I'm becoming very disappointed with Steem. I don't think this site will survive. It's almost impossible to convince new people to join, the ones that do usually try it and leave. The few ones that stay for a while... end up being targeted by the whales for one reason or another.

Right now, I don't even talk to my friends about Steem anymore. I don't see the point in advertising a site that will probably die in less than 2 years. And I'm sure not going to invest another cent in it.

Nowadays I don't even have the urge to put more than 3 photos in a single post. My motivation to do it is long gone.

It's a pity because this site had a great potential and I met great people such as you... but in the end, if the site itself is becoming a crap, what's the point?

The number of active users shrink everyday. In the Blockchain World, Steem is looked at as a big joke. I don't see how this Blockchain can have the slightest chance of survival.

The whales attack people for using autovotes at the same time they autovote themselves. Your posts are a perfect example. How many times have these whales upvoting you actually saw your videos? I bet 0 to 1, at most. And how many times have they made a comment?

I'll be posting a photo or two everyday... but unless I see a dramatic change, I won't bother making big posts.

Well, the number of good content creators is decreasing and price is disappointing. But still, I feel there are so many content creators who are looking for exposure and followers and crossposting their posts in different blogging sites. Steem can be an option for them. Steem had a lot of potentialities but the current situation is different especially the past few months I have noticed a decreasing number of authors and prices. Maybe it will recover or maybe not but as a creator, I feel still there is hope, hopefully, steem will recover and if it dies, nothing to say...

I can completely understand your point buddy but still, I have a little bit hope left... @trincowski

My hope is directly proportional to the work of the Witnesses... and right now, all they seem to do is putting another nail on the coffin every day. 🙄

There are still lots of great content creators on the system but going forward I see a lot of the posting coming from separate apps. One of the huge issues with steemit is the amount of posts that are all just mashed together instead of creating spaces for all different types of content. Now you have sites like @steemleo and @travelfeed which are creating their own space on the chain. That allows people interested in that content to go straigght to that site intead of facing all of the stuff on here. In the near future they should start onboarding users directly into their groups and people won't need to join steem here at all.

communities will be interesting to see if steemit the site can repeat this idea and allow people to create their own little space in steem for like minded people. A lot of the voting issues come from a small amount of people with very different ideas all in the one place. I'm hoping that will change with more people and better distribution of stake. A million users all with 200sp makes for a lot fairer voting rather than 50 with large amounts of SP. Then it can become more balanced with post rewards.

Don't judge STEEM on whats here now as this is still a project being built. It will be 3 - 5 years before it's anyway finished IMO but people seem to think that everything should be ready now. Building an eco-system from the ground up will be slow and have mistakes so hopefully you will watch as it comes together. STEEM now is so much better than 2 years ago and i can see the tools being built to start the next phase of apps and building. The picture is taking shape even if it looks slow from the inside. Give it 2 more years and the users will never see all of the stuff we have gone through or have the same struggles to use the system. It will be simplified and smoothed out.

Give it 2 more years and the users will never see all of the stuff we have gone through or have the same struggles to use the system. It will be simplified and smoothed out.

Well, that's the issue... with the ways things are going, I seriously doubt Steem will still exist 2 years from now. I hope I'm wrong... but I just don't see it. Will people still use the Network if the price of Steem goes to $0.01 or even $0.001? The actions that the Top Witnesses are taking are leading us to such a scenario.

STEEM will still be here in 2 years as and a lot of the apps have moved to more sustainable ways of running their witnesses. As long as the blocks are being produced then the chain will exist. i do see it existing as an operating system more than anything else though and the aps will be what drive users and transactions. Look at @splinterlands which is going from strength to strength and bringing more users and money into the chain. A lot of their players will never see past that site/ mobile app but still play and trade DEC and cards which are all based on STEEM.

If STEEM gets to 1c there are plenty of people that will buy up huge amounts of it. Myself included. I use STEEM because I like what it has to offer and not to make a profit. I've never cashed out my STEEM and while i do want to earn more of it the reality is that i have never earned a cent on ten years of facebook or twitter. So even a couple hundred dollars for the year is huge IMO. Yet people get upset when their cat picture only earns them 5c. There can be a strange mindset once money gets involved in a project. With communities i expect a lot of fun tokens to be created rather than ones of any value but that add to the users experience. Gamify your community and get the notion of payment our of users heads. There will still be a STEEM based economy underneath all of this but the next wave of users won't need to see under the hood.

Hello girl, good information fos steemians dtubers community.

Thank you...

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Nice post @priyarc. It's not easy to get started and people need to know that it's takes consistency and time to build up a following.

Not shilling but one i did earlier this week feeds in nicely to yours about autoposting to facebook or twitter.

I think it's important that we try to share externally as well to get people clicking onto STEEM and getting the name out into the world. There are a good group of users on Twitter especially so it can get you noticed if you have good content and tag it properly.

More eyes means more users.

Exactly @niallon11 , I completely agree that's why I also started working on youtube so that many users can know about steem because I feel that so many people/users from social media are not familiar with steem still. Obviously it takes time and consistency is really important to build yourself + promotion... Thank you so much for support.. Really appreciate that...

always a challenge thanks for sharing