DTube - The Sex Scandal Snowball Effect - This Is Getting Huge

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Pedophiles and sexual predators are being exposed on a massive scale and this is only the beginning! Hollywood producers, major film actors and movers and shakers in Washington are falling like dominoes as more and more information is coming to light regarding sexual misconduct among some of the most famous and powerful. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth walks you through all the latest revelations regarding this on going form of abuse that is coming from some of societies most influential players.

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Is it only because of the speed of media that this has become a 'headline story'? Or is it a realization of the nature of mankind ...again?

I think I will join you on your comment. Media is merely seconds away from our hands, updating continuously. Now the news travels faster and farther and is known to millions. An incident occurs in a small rural town USA and people in the South Pacific are reading it seconds later. It is great that we have this tech but sadly there continues to be more negative news than positive.


nature of mankind?

Talk about yourself please

I can hardly read or watch this. So much coming to light lately... I'm glad it is being exposed finaly. It's time that we stop hiding from this underworld. We have to. Citizens of the world owe it to the children of the world to call this out for what it is, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

The same thing is happening right now in Canada. It really is a snowball effect as people join other people to report the abuse they have suffered from. I am pretty happy of these snowballs as our societies are changing to become better and we can be hopeful that our children will benefit from these good changes :)

Oh thats really terrible. Law should punish them. But it famous in Nepali Film Industry too

This post really “took me back...” Oh thats really terrible.

Lets hope the full force of the law comes down on these people.

This is what needs to happen. Not rehab clinics or therapy. Decades of actual hard time in real prisons. Gotta catch em all!

Very good post.

nice post.....👌👌👌

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This is just the tip of the iceberg...more to come I believe.. Have Subscribed....Please UPVOTE and SUBSCRIBE ME

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What kind of society we live? Evil rule this world ... these are worst than animals... hurting children is the worst CRIME to humanity...

It is the NORM of Hollywood as Corey Feldman has been warning us. It is just now coming out!

Good let these fuckers burn!

Just a hot ass mess! Terrible.

It was about time to put on media what almost all of us knew...

Sexual violations in the world of entertainment is not just happening in Hollywood, in any country female debutant artist is not uncommon when it must pawn his body to a famous producer or star in order to get a role in a good entertainment products film, drama even just an ad star.

expose them all!

WE can stop this by bringing it all to the public light!

Thatis the real thing. You have sayed this, what i thinking all the time now. Thats good if anybody say what is going now.

I stop and ask myself if this is just a modern day witch hunt.

It's more like hunting wolves on a planet made out of wolves.

It looks like a few will be sacrificed to placate the mob, but the rest will continue on in their repugnant behavior.

Ladies and Gents, there is one reason why this is all over the place right now. They want us all to obsess about it and be distracted from something else important that's going on in the world.

I think that to be a high likelihood, the salacious is the best distractor, but some of it is true, and well overdue for some accountability.

If this is the distraction, what horror is being covered by this distraction?

There are plenty from which to choose.

Which do you think would be most useful for the public to activate around?

While it's difficult to choose from amongst the many horrible predations ongoing, I expect that the blatant and continual theft of the wealth of the world through collusion, conspiracy, and deliberate fraud endemic in financial services industries would have the broadest and most impact on people around the world.

In terms of sheer horror, trafficking of children, women, and organs from warzones ranks highest on my list of things that need to stop.

Fortunately, as the same players are the principals in most of these scandals, when you kill one head of the hydra, you can follow the neck to the rest of them.

I do reckon the outing of 'stars' as pervy and rapy is a a distraction from these larger, more meaningful investigations, but the worlds of stars and thugs intersect in the financial services industry, as the Panama and Paradise Papers show.

I consider this beginning of the exposure of vile criminality being deliberately focused on media personalities a strategy undertaken to increase interest in investigations because those personalities are so popular amongst the starstruck.

As the leads are generated by snitches amongst them, investigators will increasingly find threads that tug on more relevant and powerful players, because many of those threads will be made of money.

All these abusers share a feature: they possess power, usually because they are wealthy, and this power has been expected and used to insulate them. By conditioning the starstruck public and fans of the media to these exposures, they are preparing them for further, more purposeful investigations.

I expect the media - and the CIA which essentially runs media in the USA - are intending to control this investigation and lead it away from them, which is why they are out in front of it.

We need to get proactive and start following those threads ourselves, so that does not happen. These threads lead into the halls of financial power, and if you let the CIA and wholly owned media control which threads are followed, minor stars and inconvenient rabble-rousers are all we're gonna see taken down.

Connect the dots between Hollyweird and banksters and the MIC by following the trails of money that connect them, and we'll get some heads rolling off shoulders that have too long shrugged off accountability, hidden by the very thing that will expose them, their money.


Agreed, agreed, agreed, money, power, and control.

I do think that the Hollywood scandals are more of a symptom of the problem than the problem itself.

This is an example of whacking at the leaves and branches, rather than the root.

I still don't know how to incentivize accountability, and liberty seems that it should be incentive enough, itself, but there still seem to be far too few people interested in life, liberty, and property. A false sense of security, and temporary comfort appears to be enough for most to cede their natural rights, as though this can ever be legitimately done, to attain.


Well, there's the RICO act, for incentives, particularly as media moguls and CIA thugs may profit enormously from their predations. It may be difficult to establish personal harm from their acts, in order to merit awards from courts, however.

Which gives me a thought: would it be possible to have a class-action RICO suit? As a people, we certainly have been harmed by media and spook collusions, hypersexualization of our kids, and etc...

Just a random speculation. IANAL - Thank God!

Followed right back. Always looking for thoughtful free folks to learn from!

We would need to include, in the RICO suit, prosecution of the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. These purveyors of mass murder are worse than all the sex abuse Hollywood could ever muster.

thank for your information ...

I wouldn't group Louis CK in with them. He asked for permission.....

Dtube is a best @pressfortruth

Terrible and informative too

The Sex Scandal Snowball Effect , what going on?? beautiful people doing ugly stuff, Not good at all.

Oh my god.

People in these positions are always involved in perverted actions, when you have money, power, fame and everything else you need, you become hollow, nothing satisfies you anymore, cars, mansions or whatever else, so to fill that gap they tend to do perverted things to satisfy that endless pit inside their soul, people should always have faith, regardless of faith in what, just faith that what you do good in this life, will turn into something better somewhere where you soul will land in the future. Probably in a decentralized earth :)

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I can not believe how many of them there are. It is very disappointing.

thanks for information ..

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The question is , what are they gonna do about it?

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I think they are many people it's bad ...

The #metoo movement thats born out of this is world wide. We are blessed to live in this day and age where the dirty under the rugg can be revealed in an instant and give birth to such a powerfull movement. It also goes to show that change starts with just one voice speaking up!

You could add some PARISH PRIEST, heard some rumors about Priest that abuse young children. 😢 BTW this post is awesome.


All the names have been coming out slowly .. I really wish all the culprits will be punished..!! This is really terrible man..!!

See my latest video related to this

They are ALL pedos, sickos and satanists! just sayin