DTube: How Much We Know About It?

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I know that most of you already know so much about DTube and maybe some of you have already uploaded some video in there. But I almost had no idea about it until recently when I started searching about it in the internet. So if you are feeling in the same way about DTube that I used to feel before then this article is for you.

What is DTube?

DTube is a video sharing platform or website like YouTube which is based on Steemit blockchain. Unlike YouTube it is a decentralized platform with no central authority to control the uploaded videos. Although, DTube has a team for maintaining it, still you will enjoy some unique freedom and privileges while using it that you won’t get in YouTube or any other video sharing platforms.

What is so special about it: YouTube vs. DTube?

Of course, we have our good old YouTube over which we will never lose our interest. But there are many things about YouTube that users often find disturbing. For example, sometimes you may have to see some ads at least for a few seconds while watching videos in YouTube. Sometime YouTube won’t let you upload some contents due to its community guidelines or copyright policies.

Yeah, it is true that those policies exist for good reasons. But sometime people can misuse those policies by flagging your videos and one flag in your video means it is going down. Three flags mean your entire channel is getting closed.

But DTube doesn’t work like that. It won’t make your video go down that easily. There are much better systems in DTube that will decide whether or not your video needs to be censored or go down. These systems are known as ‘upvote and downvote’. If people think that a video is good then they can upvote it and if they think they no longer wish to see it then they can downvote it and if a video receives more downvotes than upvotes then it will go down automatically.

Other than these features there are many other things that will make you fall for DTube. I am mentioning those features in the below:

No YouTube like monetization policy, Earn money from upvotes

To earn money from your YouTube videos your channel must have to be watched for at least 4,000 hours by different people and it must have 1,000 subscribers in minimum. That is not an easy task for anyone who just opened a channel and started uploading videos. It can take 2-3 years or more for anyone to get 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

But in DTube you can start earning as soon as you upload a video and people start voting for it. You will get paid for every upvotes on your videos. This makes DTube a great platform for people who just started creating videos to upload in online.

No Censorship

As I have already mentioned in the above there are no such central authority or policies in DTube that will restrict people from watching your videos as long as the majority of audiences decide to downvote your videos.

Ads Free

No you don’t have to watch any ads while watching a video. DTube is a completely ad free platform. Although, it is ad free still you may insert ads within your own videos if you want to, nobody will stop you from doing so. But before adding any ads to your videos consider that people don’t like to watch ads in DTube. So it is recommended to keep your videos ads free.

DTube is based on IPFS technology

DTube is a platform that is based on IPFS technology which makes sure that nobody duplicates your contents or uploaded information. Whatever you upload in DTube will be secured by a unique fingerprint known as cryptographic hash. You can read the details about this technology by visiting this link.

As a Steemit member we don’t need to sign up for it

After hearing so many benefits of using DTube you may be interested to sign up for it. Well, then you are supposed to be glad to know that you don’t need to sign up for DTube at all, if you are one of the member of our Steemit community. Anyone from Steemit can log into DTube instantly by using his or her username and private posting key.

So don’t wait any longer to upload a video in DTube. Just log into DTube and start uploading some videos right now.

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