Riding Up Bloukrans Pass With My Giant TCR | DTUBE Cycling Vlog

in #dtube4 years ago

For my last day in Plett I had to go ride up Bloukrans Pass! It is a beautiful climb up the mountain, with very few cars on the road.

The pass is technically closed but people still cycle and drive there.

It is a pity I got sick that first week while I was here on, because I would have done this ride a lot more. I might come back in a few months and try to break some strava segment records.

I should probably note that the drone footage in this vlog was not from today. We took it a few months ago while I was still in Chiang Mai, but I thought it would be something cool to add to the video.

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Hi Paul. Nice cycling man. I have to say it is truly beautiful there also visited Plett a few years ago. The forest trails are also amazing. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks @farmchick ! Yes the forest here are great. I did a run at a place here called the Garden of Eden, absolutely stunning run through the forest

unfortunately yes, but I really like your blog

Have good day

good job bro!

Awesome mate, thanks for sharing!
love the drone shots brother. I mountain bike and freeride myself.
I will show you in my videos aswell. I even made a 2 part guide video about Capetown ;)
Hope to hear from you,
Kind regards Robin

Thanks for the comment mate. I will suss out your video and profile! Cheers, Paul

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Awesome man! Thanks for sharing. I've been cycling for a bit myself so it is great to see other cycling content. Thank you for sharing!