A Yoga Breathing Technique that will increase your energy level forever

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Here is the full Course and all the instructions you need:


Kapalabhati Pranayama is a Yoga Breathing Technique that energises your body and your brain.

Also known as “skull-shining breath” Kapalabhati comes from two Sanskrit words: Kapala, which translates to “Skull,” and Bhati, which means “shine” or “light’’. It’s an practice that purifies and rejuvenates the mind and body. Kapalabhati has many cleansing and energising benefits. This practice makes your head literally shine by creating a beautiful glow on your face.

Pranayama in general refers to yogic breath-control or energy-control.

Kapalabhati is one of the most dynamic breathing techniques that is taught to modern Yoga practitioners. Understood and practiced properly it comes with a multitude of benefits.

The benefits of Kapalabhati:

increases energy

removes fatigue

energises the body and the brain

reduces overthinking

prepares the mind for mental work and meditation

helps to burn fat

improves digestion

increases oxygen in the bloodstream

cleanses the lungs

makes your skin shine

supports your immunity

improves circulation, particularly in the head

balances and strengthens the nervous system

sharpens sensory perception

stimulates chakra energy

increases overall well being

Here is the full Course and all the instructions you need:


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i never do yoga brother,but because of this benefits to my body i will do it to mentain my energy level..

Thanks for sharing friend.

Wow, really? I really don't do much yoga, but what are the core reasons why 90 to 99% actually do it wrong?


This breathing technique can be confusing because there are so many different lectures on it. It is important to learn from someone with experience.

Good to know the benefits..maybe will be trying to consider YOGA into my 2019. :)


Trying new things is always good :-)

Good to know the numerous benefits of Yoga. My wife has several classes to attend per week and I can tell that she is really in shape and has positive life outlook. :)


Just another proof that it probably really works. Enjoy your happy relationship.

Calling @originalworks :)
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