Relationship challenge: EYE GAZING for 4 minutes

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Eyes, the door to our soul
Eye gazing is looking with fixed concentration into someone's eyes.
Many people find it uncomfortable.
That is why we rarely do it.
But when we do find contact with another pair of eyes, we connect with that person on a deeper level.

So Matija and I decided to put this to the test.
After extensive research on the internet, we decided to sit together face to face and gaze at each other's eyes for four minutes.
And then see what happens
Will eye gazing get us closer?
Or will we hide from embarrassment?

Eye gazing :)
Surprisingly, for both of us, it was easier then we thought it would be.
I guess because we are pretty close to each other, we didn't have any problems, gazing at each other's eyes. We didn't feel shy or embarrassed.

Four minutes passed by very quickly.
After our challenge, Matija said, that he could go on with staring in my eyes, but he prefers to have a conversation with me.

And me, I find eyes gazing very relaxing. It put me in a present moment immediately, because I had to focus on Matija's eyes.

Together we concluded, that eyes gazing is a good practice for couples to feel closer before they start a conversation, for example.

Yes, It makes you feel closer to your partner.

And one more thing. You don't need to have a partner for eye gazing.
You can eye gaze with your self by looking in your eyes in the mirror.
That way, you can find a connection with yourself, which is very fulfilling.

Ok, my dear lovelies, I hope you will try eye gazing with your partner, or with yourself in the mirror and find that deep connection.

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Take care and see you in the next one.

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Thank you @curie community :)
I am very honored :)

dear @ourhappyplace, fantastic post !! it's a very interesting experiment! I, although I am rather shy, I always try to look people in the eye because I read that it means that you concentrate on them and they feel important to you, which is very beautiful! congratulations on your work and the curie vote

Thank you @road2horizon. I am happy, that you liked the post. :)
And yes, curie vote pleasantly surprised me. I appreciate it very much.
Have a great day :)

my pleasure, you are a very nice couple ;))

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