John Bedini EFV02 - John Bedini - Energy From The Vacuum Series Part 2

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The film's primary focus is the enigmatic addition to “conventional” EM energy that has been banished from our circuits. The phenomenal and counter intuitive properties of this “negative” energy have been hidden from public view since the time of Tesla, who called it “radiant” energy.

And John also shows us the research path and the clues that he has relentlessly followed for over 40 years, from reading and studying Tesla's body of work, to the concepts embedded in his beautiful looking machines, embodiments of John's lifetime of accrued expertise.

The Discovery Channel's “Mythbusters” also takes a drubbing from John for their deliberately botched attempt to replicate a Bedini Motor on national television.


John Bedini
Tom Bearden
Anthony J. Craddock - Thank you

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