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in dtube •  3 months ago

Hey guys, I'm just starting my journey to Kenya! But first I wanted to talk with you a bit and tell you how I am going to expand my audience, by doing my content also in Romanian on my channels. How many Romanians are here on DTube? And what other ways do you think there are to expand your audience?

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Safe Travels to You Guys , I Really Hope We Do Get to Meet :D...A quick Interview would be freaking awesome! @oliviadejeu :)

Hey @oliviadejeu, have an awesome trip to kenya.

You mentioned in your video about using different languages to expand your audience. I think that is a great idea. Sadly for me, I only speak English.

I like to expand my audience by presenting my content as written posts as well as in videos. I think the two methods reinforce each other. I also make use of many other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and Minds.com) to promote my content and hopefully encourage people to join Steem. I think we can all benefit from reaching beyond existing Steem users.

Wow you do travel constantly

So happy you guys are in Kenya. Say hi to @thelifeofjord. I saw his twitter and freaked out. I wish I got to meet you guys. Sending you positive vibes.