Bonsai Trees

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Hey DTube fam! I got a question: have you ever tried to combine a couple of your hobbies! It is fun and easy!! I love boating, and I love trees.

I love bonsai and I love making music. so I thought I would combine the two. Hey I am a noob, so be kind LOL. It was a fun project even if it is far from what I usually do, it is fun to stretch and grow a bit!

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Very relaxing music. It would be easy to just close my eyes and take it in. The bonus was the beautiful Bonsai trees. Drifting in and out of the world. A perfect way to start my morning.

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Aww thanks! That is the kindest comment evar! I was doing the first slow tune and was falling asleep about 4am so I just threw the other in. I should have just done it today, but I am stubborn/silly/stupid that way.

It will get you every time!

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Simple, serene and subliminal in its beauty.

Speaking of subliminal, I now have a yen for sushi.


Ive always said there is no bad time for sushi!

Good to see you Quill.


Hey Ol' Guy.

I needed a break ... I do not suffer fools gladly ... and so things were becoming insufferable.

And ... I did a lot of thinking. As you know, I'm not pleased about how STEEM/Steemit operates and, unfortunately, I don't believe HardFork 21 will do anything to improve the situation (indeed, it may well make things worse).

And so, I'm toying with the idea of launching a Steemit 2.0 ... but with the reforms I've written about (and a few others) built into the structure. No SMT's. No trying to be a launchpad for a tsunami of non-compliant shitcoins. No attempting to be a venture capital fund for Developers and their endless DApps, few of which have anything to do with social media.

And ... no more vote-buying/selling (bidbots) and multiple account self-upvoting.

And ... no more abusive downvoting by Whales.

Simply a crypto-based social media platform where Content is Compensated Commensurate With Its Quality. Remember that? It's what we all used to believe Steemit was supposed to be about.

I'm working on a few posts that will explain my proposal and we'll see if anyone's interested. For this to work, I would first need to raise up an army. But then again ... you know me and armies. And, from all the comments I've been reading, a lot of people are seriously pissed off and ready to start entertaining alternatives.


I liked the music up to 1.40 then it got a bit hectic lol the first bit was like ASMR style and the camera movement worked well. 👍😋

YES! Agreed! It was 430 in the morning and I was too tired to do any more of the first one, so I threw in a different one in the middle. It takes a lot of time to work this when I have no clue what I am doing lol.

Faffing about is where all the fun is. Enjoy it and just go with it.

The tunes will show up when you least expect it.

4.30 in the morning! I would say that's a sign of someone really getting in the grooves. 👍😋

Wait until my new guitar turns up! 😂😂👍

I am happy you decided to get one. Life is short...I see it all the time, it seems.

Sure enough, got to do what makes us happy. Life is short.

I love bonsai, know a very little basic about it. We had some bonsai in my home town/country house.
Yeah, mix your hobby and see what new thing you can create. :)

i think i could really find zen cutting and trimming one of those every few days -- how often do you have to trim them do you think?

For one plant, not very often. I have some slow growing ones that I trimmed months ago. The trick is to have several or more to equal the amount of business you desire! Remember there is watering say twice a week. It is a fun hobby though.

Seriously!! I go for weeks on the tip money and run out on you??? Be right back! Need to go to the bank!

Pfft dont worry about it. It is the thought that counts. This piece of trash was not tip worthy anyways, you know it and I know it :)

If I had a bonsai tree I'd be tempted to use lego minifigs as props for a variety of poses.

... I might need to find a bonsai tree now.

You might start a new trend!

Okay! Let's try this again!!

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great work on the bonsai