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At every point, we are making decisions. From our choice of career down to things we take for granted most times like eating, we are making decisions. This decision, in turn, affects the quality of our lives, thus, it is important that we make the right ones.

You are the decisions you

I mentioned in this video that this has two implications:

  1. You're responsible for your life
  2. You're in control of your life

I also touched in this video the negative effect of making fear-based decisions.

People are afraid of the said thing they need the most, time

Fear has limited the potentials of many. So going to 2019, it is important that we push ourselves a little further and be positive.


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Fear is only a wall to block you from your success. As many say, “it’s better to fail trying than not trying at all.”

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True. I am not afraid of making mistakes. I'm forging this path of mine and learning from every setback

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