Recording "I remember" was a great experience!!!!! I'm glad to share it with you all here on Steemit and Dtube!!!!

in dtube •  last year

Check out my favorite track and some Studio Shots!!!!
▶️ Watch on DTube
▶️ Watch Source (IPFS)

I hope you all enjoy this vlog!!!!!

Until the next post


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I wish you continued success. I love it. :))

I love you hip-hop 😍🤗😊

Well done. I'm not usually a fan of rap but you manage to cross the boundary with this one.


Very nice nice post

i love it! i will follow!!!!

Good for you, mine wasn't a great one.

I Like it :D
Keep doing it :)

Thanks) hip-hop lol

This track is super Tight man and you look like lil bow wow by the no heat seriously I'm sure you get that a lot lol.



Thanks for sharing this new update and congratulations for reaching this new level of accomplishment. We all win from your success.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Dude you got something here-for sure don't ever give up on your dreams, I've seen a lot worse do really well- which means you will do very,very well u got talent. keep on going great beat, great lyrics.


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good work love it !!

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What an awesome rap..!! Loved it man..!! Never liked rap before but this one was an exception..!!Thanks buddy

Cool man, keep up the hustle and results will follow!

Best raper keep going my friend
Thanks for sharing @mrviquez

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