CENT: content-base incentivized network [Review]

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Cent is a social media cum content-base incentivized network that is built on Ethereum blockchain which is base on proof of creativity and perspective. It has a different approach to the usual social media content platform with rewards. Thus, CENT is a question & answer network where you get reward for your level of creativity and perspective as regards different issues that are seeking "centians" views and opinion.
Basically, you can get reward for the little effort you push in so far it is creative and worth the network's standard. How do answers get verified on CENT network? It is a collective work of Centians (users) to vote on the best answer(s) to receive "seedling". Content creation has been redefine with CENT!

Ensure you watch this video for details of the CENT Network and you can get started via this link
Rating: 4/5

Disclaimer: The content of this video is not meant to serve as financial advice, ensure to do your own research


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Hey @mediahousent your first sentence confuses me "Cent is a social media cum content-base" - cum?

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