Don't Forget About the New @oracle-d Task For

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Hello dtubers.

I am here on behalf of @oracle-d for their new task ahead, it not yet over so I came to say few words and how to go about it with Proof of Work done.

It is very simple, this time around @oracle-d posted an article and asked us all to assist them in commenting on you can see more by following this link below.

@oracle-d's aim and objectives is to Increase the Social Activities on TradeIO's announcement Tweet: here is the twitter link.

You need to go to their twitter account Retweet this post, Like and make very meaningful comments on this tweet:
You can also encourage more users to use TradeIO's exchange to trade ATOM Token. You can as well mention these reasons why TradeIO is a perfect exchange for seasoned traders:

They operate No deposit fees
No maker fees
Likewise Minimal withdrawal fee
Just 0.1% taker fee

Then you post the screenshot of your proof of work and paste it on this link below.

Thank you

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