Some of the best DTubers are also @steemitbloggers! Please, vote & help us win 20k SP delegation

in dtube •  2 months ago

Not sure what else should I say here. You've probably already seen several similar posts, lobbying for the most quality oriented group around - PowerHouseCreatives formerly known also as @steemitbloggers. We almost won last time and got beat just by a hair by muuuch bigger Venezualan community. We got 700+ votes while being a group of 87 people at that time :) That speaks volumes!

Why I'm asking for a help from DTubers?

Well, if you're part of this platform, you're probably familiar with the names I'mma list right now. Some of the most popular creators of this new emerging world are actually part of our tiny group as well :) Im pretty sure you know there people:

Really, there's nothing more to write. All the info are being said in the video as well. Just wish us luck and if you feel like, help us :) It takes 10 seconds ;)


poll header 3.png

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Almost sorry I'm not on Dtube ;) Yet...

I love the persons you featured and @kaerpediem is a example for me When I go and enter to the Dtube forum 😬 whenever .
Hope we can pull the 20k in


they're one of the best! :)


And consistant

I gave them my vote this morning! Hope you guys can do it, this time! 🍀


Hah I hope :) so far it's going nice :)thx!


Nice. You were in second place when I voted.

Hi, @matkodurko!

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Thanks for the mention brother 😊😊. Really love the way you fit my picture in thumbnail 😊

wooohooo... i can see my good picture... hehehe