Haha, in your universe they obviously did. It is up to you and only you how much power you want to give them. I enjoy their content. Scrooge McDuck ftw!

Well I am in Japan now and stumbled across the Freemasonic complex of Tokyo, an ominois black cube with all seeing eyes and pentagrams in stained glass, surrounded by the twin masonic towers - all part of the same complex. The masonic tower complex of Tokyo. So i wandered around and found the main towers ground floor occupants, the walt disney channel japan corp. with the entrance being a black and white masonic grand lodge decor - and when you see the level of absolute worship that the Japanese people have for these cartoon idols... oh its so creepy....
Anywaaaays. yada yada conschripirachy...
I'll do a post featuring the stained glass soon if you are interested.

McDuck always creeped me out as a kid.

[apparently creeped is not a word?!?!?!?! wtf?]

McDuck has changed my life to the better a million times and is one of Europe's most beloved cartoon figures for very good reasons. Check out Don Rosa's - The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.

Have you studied freemasonry and do you know their spiritual believes? Do you believe in magic, astrology, alchemy and that you can manpulate reality with your mind? Do you believe in scripture and prophecies? The circle of ages? The old battle of light and darkness?

Because if the answer is no to all these things it is easy to say that freemasons are evil and all is bad. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that Disney is in any way a benevolent company at all. I just want to invite you to learn more about the mysteries taught over millenia to initiates.

Studied all of these topics for over 20 years!
There is no doubt in my mind that society is manipulated against their will into wars racism hatred consumerism and all things loathe to society through the hands of the freemasons, at least in america. Also - it may simply be a boys club or a hogwarts type thing at its lower levels, but in the upper ranks it is absolutely a pyramid for the destruction of knowledge and the worship and culmination of dark entities. And freemasonry itself is just a grooming for men whom can be ultimately corrupted, and hence chosen to engage in other less wholesome groups.

There is no need for the honest to hide in shadows, and meet at midnight and hide their beliefs from the public, and in many cases it is absolutely contrary to the positions in society they are supposed to hold : ie prosecutor and defendant, rabbi and priest bowing down to another god(s) and a different scripture, police and judge swearing to defend their brothers against all else - ------- All male - making up 1% of the population while the majority of the 99% dont even know what a freemason is.
Many freemasons are impostors and puppet-masters, plain and simple.

Also its common in the initiating and rank promotion ceremonies to put the men in a compromising position, so as to be blackmailed or murdered later on for their misdeeds against the lodge.

I urge you yourself to study these topics more yourself, and ask what is the ultimate goal of the lodge? Even if you are a low level initiate yourself, there is always a chance to change your path, and work for the betterment of your world and society.

I suppose you are as your steem icon worships Saturn and such, but it's all good bro.

Ok I see I hit a nerve with me implying you wouldn't be familiar with the esoterics. I apologize for that.

Explain me what you mean with my Steem icon? Do you talk about the animated Steemy puppet I use in my videos? In what way is it worshipping Saturn? I just took the Steem logo an put eyes and mouths on top of it.

I understand your points. And I am not a freemason and never could be because I tolerate no authority. The universe is the only authority and that lets us be as we are.

But that all doesn't mean that I cannot enjoy Marvel stories and embrace the idea that the MCU finally gets FF4, Deadpool and the X-Men which is the only reason why I even mentioned the deal in the first place. I enjoy this kind of entertainment.

If Disney smuggles symbolism into their movies I am fine with it. And you know why? I went all my life through the indoctrination and yet I opened my eyes to look behind the veil. And so do a critical mass of people as well. We are close. The time has come. Our magic - yours and mine - will be the one that faces the dark on the eternal battle fields without fear and the power to create by will. I am ready!

Ah sorry as well if I came off as trite, or sharp!
The hand gesture the character/mascot makes is Saturnalia worship for millennia, devil horns etc..
But for many people it just means party on! - but like most symbols in our society there is a double meaning. It was reintroduced to the masses by Ozzy Ozbourne etc..
Like I said it's all good, I am not on steemit for sharp words so again I apologize if I mischaracterized your mascot guy... I see anyone who is willing to discuss anything of ANY importance as an ally, and me judging anything/ anyone is ignorance itself - but yes I wont deny that i was wounded, even when I was photographing the stained glass at the lodge on a public walkway - after literally 30 seconds the POLICE, not a security guard, but the actual Japanese cops showed up and said I would be arrested if I stuck around - my Japanese friend said they had NEVER seen or heard about a police officer guarding a private corporate building, especially in downtown tourist central Tokyo in a public place. There are many many secret police in Japan as well, so it kind of put a very threatening dark gloom on our otherwise lovely day.
I truly appreciate the discussion.

Haha, the GIF made my day! It came 10 seconds after I let in my cat and told him I would make him my battle cat when magic returns to the public eye.

I see what you mean with Steemy. I never use the devil horns myself but it is one of many Steemy hands and the one that usually comes with this face combo. No deeper meaning behind it.

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