#Trashdo #1 Cleaning our planet and clean our society, today my home nearby clean video....(znap7)

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Friends, how are you? Of course you are a lot better today. It really feels very good because I can do a good job, enjoying a lot of peace for us. Our society is filled with dirt and garbage all over the contaminated and polluted air. It needs to be made more beautiful by its own initiative, I am today to cleanse an environment pollution free area today

The initiative to do this work must be done by someone else's hand and I am from whom I have been inspire about it. @nathanmars @cleanplanet We must learn a lot from all of them. The project that has started is very useful and beneficial for society and society. I salute, to make us so beautiful a project by which our world is better I can build it up and down

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Hello @mamun123456
Great action thanks
I just want to tell you that we don't ear your voice because the music... Then I can't ear the Date.
Cleaning movement is inspired since july 2018 by @cleanplanet.
#cleanplanet tag and #trashdo tag are complementary.
See you soon using cleanplanet tag

I think you are very dedicated to helping the environment. taking steps like this is valuable. and could help others do the same thanks for sharing. your very innovative

i also agree with you brother. hopefully this the good project for clean our society. thanks for this your good video. and thanks those people arranged this project.

Great work bro. appreciate it. keep up the good work @mamun123456

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Feeling happy to see you contributing in trashdo. Infact The idea of ​​heaven is fantasy fm. If there is a paradise, it is on the earth, but to see it, we have to have spritual eyes. Paradise on earth can happen only when the Earth is free of pollution. Therefore, let us all make the earth clean and green.
Thank you brother

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Thank you bro

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Let us all work together to keep our planet