Mid Day Queen St Wainuiomata

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The main street of our small community shopping centre. It is about 2pm and typically on a Tuesday, not very busy.

I do have a full size tripod, which is quite heavy and currently haven't worked out how to carry it on my bike. I took this timelapse by placing the camera on a post sticking up 1.5m high out of a grassy knoll area, worked like a charm.

Creative Commons License

  • copy, redistribute, remix, transform, build upon

Download Original TimeLapse
20190903 timelapseQueenSt 1920x1080p(HD) 25fps 2323JPG 136MB 1min32secs

  • no audio, no watermarks


  • Camera: Sony FDR-X3000 (2323 4k images at 1sec intervals)
  • Panning: Myrmica 360TL
  • Bike: GT Aggressor Hard Tail MTB
  • Editors: 3003.sh, Kdenlive for Linux Mint on Dell Optiflex 9010
  • Song: Joakim Karud - A Love Story

Download Bash Script for Linux Mint

  • Bash Script for Linux: 3003.sh

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Blog: http://taramai.nz (Engrave DAPP: Woohoo)

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@kiwibloke Great selection on the music. This is an excellent post!

Beautiful and orderly street