Responding to Some Total BS About GMOs; with Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Today's post is something a little new for me; not only is this one of the most edited of the videos I've posted, but it's the first time I've posted a response video, so it's exciting to be bringing this to you :-)

I've talked about GMOs a handful of times on my blog, but it certainly isn't a big focus of mine. My stance on GMOs has two main facets, which are important to hold together in our current world.

  1. I am not opposed to the scientific concept of genetically engineering plants & animals. I think that in time, without the profit motive or control structures involved, there could be profound benefits to be found in this science.
  2. I am ABSOLUTELY opposed to corporations like Monsanto & Syngenta having anything to do with the food supply, because I know their histories, goals, and practices. In a system which includes the violence of the state and the global control of the corporations who run it, a technology like genetic engineering is not something we can afford to have around.

Today, I'm responding to Neil deGrasse Tyson's comments on GMOs...

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I've gone through most of the videos of Mr. Tyson around having to do with GMOs, and his stance seems to be the same in all of them. The clips I included here were taken from this video, and I also mentioned his StarTalk Podcast about GMOs. From what I can tell, his entire argument always comes down to one thing: The idea that combining genes from different plants & animals, in a laboratory, is the same as selective breeding, and thus we've been creating GMOs for thousands of years.

I mentioned a few of the strange ways that GMOs have been created, including the E.Coli genes included in all "Roundup Ready" crops (soy, corn, canola, et al.), and Silent Forests (link goes to a documentary by David Suzuki).

If someone can't see the difference between keeping the best seeds or not breeding the sickly cows and working on a molecular level to create gene combinations that could NEVER happen in nature, I think it's safe to say they'd be a little slow. Since Tyson is famous for being quite intelligent, one has to assume that he has either been quite carefully brainwashed to believe these lies, or he is knowingly spreading propaganda which is false on it's face.

Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you enjoyed the show!

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Yeah his arguments are bullshit. Worse, that is the exact propaganda line put out by Monsanto, so he's worse than slow, he's shilling for the enemy.


My thoughts exactly. One of the big problems with folks in the religion of scientism, as long as an "expert" says it or there's a "study", they just assume it's the truth.

The issue is more to do with the legal framework of intellectual property that allows these companies to unnaturally promote their gene variants. Let's say we buy the idea that GMO is similar enough to natural gene change over time, and so not a risk. By that same rationale you have to allow it to function in the ecology unsupported artificially (or at least no more so than traditional crops).

Farmers have been prosecuted for Monsanto's seeds blowing into their fields. It's crazy.

Also I have to call you up on this error you've made:

Since Tyson is famous for being quite intelligent, one has to assume that he has either been quite carefully brainwashed to believe these lies, or he is knowingly spreading propaganda which is false on it's face.

This is a classic false dichotomy. You are discounting the fact that even smart people get things wrong, which seems obvious to say but you discount that at the outset. You need to allow for the possibility that he is just wrong, or ... that you are wrong. Both are possibilities, so your conclusions do not follow.


I agree that the concept of intellectual property is quite problematic, especially in this field, but even without actively shutting down thousands of small farms with the tactics you mentioned, Monsanto would still have a MASSIVE share of the world's food supply due to the disproportionate amount of food produced by corporate factory farms.

Yes, smart people can totally get things wrong. If all that he was saying is "GMOs are safe & OK", that would be a case of just getting it wrong... However, the claim he makes (in this video and others) is that modern GE technology is functionally no different than selective breeding, which is absolutely not true, and something that one can really only get from listening to Monsanto's propaganda.


I guess that could be true, regarding the factory farms, but what are you saying exactly? Sounds like that they have a disproportionate advantage?

Regarding Neil deGrasse Tyson, I'm sure he's been affected by Monsanto's propaganda, but you do not have knowledge of how much, nor effective indications of anything, just some flimsy speculation. I'm just calling it as it is here, you have to admit that conclusion is weak.

In the UK, the TV scientists I grew up with were a bunch of ugly spuds but they were real scientists.
One day they were all replaced with younger, photogenic mouthpieces whose job was to push political agendas.
(To give one example:

Modifying genes of food, say a plant like corn, to grow faster, taste better, nicer looking is all good. But we do not know what other things is changed? eg. if it grows faster, does it mean it has lower nutrients?
What about splicing insect information to the plant so that it is immune to certain insecticides? and then spray the plant with tons of insecticides?

hmm.. are we eating parts of insect then? what effecs will it have long term?

Thank you for expressing your vision in this regard. Personally I oppose GMOs, I think it is a very delicate process, and we should know much more before even thinking about altering the state of nature.

This guy is a total, soul for sale, shill. Have you heard the full interview he did with William Shatner? (avail on YT)
He keeps trying to take the piss out of "Captain Kirk" and Shatner keeps subtley, ripping him a new one, with wit and style 😁

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Ya, that seems to be the case.

I haven't heard it; honestly I try not to listen to him (Neil) any more at this point.

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