Finally got me some Japanese food in China...

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@knowhow92, this one is for you brother! All those sleepless nights you've had because you are waiting for this video to upload have finally paid off!!!

I have a weird relationship with Japanese food. It is one of those cuisines where I absolutely love to eat it but only infrequently. It is one of those cuisines where it tastes epic when you eat it from time to time, but is very easy to get sick of if you eat it regularly. Today was definitely one of those epic times!

@dmilliz, does this all look authentic to you? How about that ramen??


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Thanks for reading & watching

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Bro thank you so much for doing this.
The rammen looks so delicious.No wonder Naruto just can't stop eating these bowls.
Didn't know that there were so many ingredients inside the bowl.I can see it in your face that you really enjoyed eating all these Japanese delicacies.
Love their kitchen , so many unique flavors colors and ingredients.
That clamps look awesome too man.Well rpetty much everything looks delicious.
I wish I could try these flavours too man but there are no Japanese restaurants in my city.
Awesome and entertaining vlog as always my friend.
Thank you again for doing this.
Resteemed with love.

My pleasure. Everything I ate was delicious. The broth for the ramen was so good. I wanna find out how they made it. The raw beef has always been a favourite of mine as well.

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That beef looks good man but I have never eaten raw meat.
In Greece its a tradition to cook the meat well.
Noone eats it raw so I have never tried that kind of food.

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I think its good but it might be an acquired taste similar to eating sushi and raw fish.

I should check out a Greek restaurant the next time Im in Beijing.

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Dude that was a lot of food lol! The ramen looked good , the thing is their are so many different variations of ramen. I think the Chinese invented the. Japanese made their own ( what I heard )
The broth I that looks real good and creamy . I personally prefer thicker darker noodles , stinky noodles lol. You really know your Japanese foods, it’s like you weren’t meant to live in Japan 💫

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I like to eat a lot... I heard portion sizes in Japan are much smaller than foreigners are used to. China has plenty of noodle soups but the flavour is different from the Japanese.

Well see what the future holds for me...

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Thanks a lot for always bringing valuable content on @dtube Highly appreciated it Buddy 😊. Thanks for the food review buddy :)

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