Ava of @girlygamer Znap7!

in dtube •  27 days ago

Find out more about the youngest member of the DTubeSeven77 family! She is excited about blockchain, tech, crypto, gaming, and all things digital! Ava is a photographer and has an eye for beauty and art. Ava is legally blind in one eye so her photography skills are truly amazing all things considered. She also wants you to know what to do if the world is ending! Just in case!



Ava will be starting a new channel soon that will be a diverse variety of content. She wants to expand and not be only limited by one topic. If you want to help us choose a name please share it down below. Thanks guys.

Ava can also be seen along side her Mother on @kawaiicrush where she has been making successful vlogs, comedies, adventures and more for over 10 months!

Please show her some support on @girlygamer with a follow to encourage her :)

Special thanks to @nathanmars @nathanmars7 as well as to @dtube & @heimindanger for creating the best video sharing platform on earth.

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Wow! Yesterday your beautiful mother, today your handsome daughter. Seems like beauty is something that's definitely increasing in your family. Someone help us! I am blinded! :D

How did you convince her, though? I would love to see my daughter on steem, too …


Oh boy thank you for your kind words May! Many people say we look alike and I never get enough of hearing about it! I love her so much and being her Mother has been the greatest joy in my life.

Hmm how did I convince her? Well I think she was born an entertainer really. I was/am an actress and even when she was in my womb I was filming movies. So she was born into it. I taught her how to memorize scripts, do improv, and have had her involved in tap, jazz, ballet, and the arts since a young age. I think she began around 2 years old. Her photography was something that surprised me. She is self taught and I will have to share some images with you soon. You will think they are from a gallery. She is a natural with the camera in terms of taking photos. She also has been my "camera man" for years lol. Yeah so pretty much she was just born into it. We are always playing out skits or even in public I like to bust out the improv with her. We will dare one another to ask people silly questions but with straight faces.. the other day we asked a lady why there was a hole in our donut.. the lady looked at us like we were crazy! Oh but we had such a laugh later on about it! hehehehe

Yes you should try to get your daughter on Steem! I think she would enjoy it.. such a great community here <3

Well at least I know if the world were to end tomorrow. There will be lots of giggles throughout the entire time.

That is really amazing and brilliant of you to get the whole family involved on this amazing project. Then again it follows direct with the core principles of the original vision.

As for a suggestion of a name she could use.

Maybe "GamerGiggles"
"Wizard of Games

3 ideas. keep up the amazing and work and thanks for the amazing CV


Thank you JR for always writing me amazing comments 😘

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Of course, the family is always looking for some important person and we are certainly looking for a new young member to increase this beautiful family to more people so that more users can do a lot better than this platform, thank you and thank you very much Ava is very good now

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Aww thank you Mamun yes she is so excited to be a part of things! Also she has so many fresh ideas and she really is in touch with all of the new social media websites, and what is in style.. she is so far ahead of me I she makes me feel old lol

Followed and Upvoted. Good job, Ava. Keep up the great work :) :)


Thank you Robert! She will be thrilled :D

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Welcome to the Dtube Ava. She answered well as you asked every questions. Today I hv bad healthy feelings. So I can't long commenting. Wish you great future.

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No worries hun I hope you feel better soon :D

You are most welcome AVA.
We are really very exciting about your photography and we will be happy to see your creativity in the area of photography.

I am already telling your earlier post about her channel name AVAQueen

And BEST WISHESH for your new Journey, Don't worry we are always beside of you.


Aww thank you dear Haf! You are such a sweetie pie! And your son is just adorable! Yes Ava really loves working with the camera! Maybe some day she will be a producer who knows :D

I like your name suggestion we will see which one gets chosen :D

Talk soon Haf <3

Nice, I just watched your Mom's video, lol! So cool to see families on here together! If you are interested in playing Steem Monsters I can give you a promo code for a free starter set! :-) I am clove71 on Discord


aww thanks Clove!

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Such a sweet cute doll... Ava you are absolutely beautiful , just love your smile. Beautiful mommy with adorable daughter,,, Welcome here Ava dear... I hear that you like making videos, will wait for your future videos..Talented girl and i wish you good-luck my dear...


Thank you Pri yeah she is my baby doll and my whole world. Being her Mommy is the best part of my entire life. I love her with all of me and there is nothing that I wouldn’t do for her 💕

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That is indeed great to know about AVA a lot more : )

The fortnite was kind of a surprise (A big one lolz) besides glad to see you always around with your attitude and fun ways to see everything keep it going.

While yeah liked the message


Thank you Rehan for your sweet message☺️yeah she loves war military and shooting games and my house sounds like world war 2 lololol too funny 😁 I am so girly but she hates bows in her hair and would rather have a truck or a toy gun as a little kid instead of a doll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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I enjoyed this! Ava is such a natural and I love how both of you have fun working together!

Of course I had to follow her!


Thank you hun ! She is all about getting down to business lol I ask her what do you want.. she says upvotes and followers 🤣

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