Inspired By The Prompt: Mom & Dad

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Hi There SteemVerse Friends,

Here is the post from @mariannewest. Instead of a FreeWrite I decided to work with a video for change.

You won't believe how I have tried to phrase this in a proper way, like over and over again. But I guess the best way to do it, is to say what I mean. Which is just a simple Please vote for @steemitbloggers if you haven't voted yet for the @theycallmedan 20k delegation. The deadline is just hours away. And if you already have, I would like to say Thank you Thank you Bless You.

Here To Cast Your Vote

Do you have stories of how your parents met? Would love to hear it.

Here's The YT Copy

Images & Videos are from my Photo Gallery unless stated

I Truly Appreciate Your Time Here :)

Till We Meet Again Over Text, Pics, Videos, Maybe Even Coffee ....

Live Life Loud & Steem On


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Making memories and having them is do rich Thats what we ate doing now here in Austria image.jpg
GREETZ and blog you soon,


Enjoy the holiday Britt
Regale us with your adventures when you get back :D


I Will the WiFi here is bad

A 5 minute video, cool idea!

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Thank you ... :D

Are there issues with dTube these few days? It's takes ages to load the video and its been spinning for over 5 minutes now. I had problem with my other video a couple of days ago and it would load at all....

Anyway, remember the angel present video I did a few weeks ago? I did the hell present video today if you're interested. It was quite hell!!!


I find when I clear the cache of cookies.. it works better..try it :)
Why I have the YT version just incase ....

I love the video and learning about your family @kaerpediem! That was so sweet of your dad to buy your mom her wedding gown. Sounds like you have a large family. I love your accent too. : )

Resident cat here, wondering if you will be making another video of you playing the saxophone. LOL!

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Thank you Ms Resident Cat... glad you enjoyed it
I can assure you, you don't want to hear me playing the saxophone hahaha
Thank you so much for the prompt <33

Wow, such a wonderful story this is :)


So glad you enjoyed it.
It's one of my favourite stories of them :D


Am glad I made it till here, it was too cute to not be loved