DTube Exclusive Video #89: How Many Lives Can You Change in your Lifetime?

in dtube •  3 months ago

You never know how profoundly you can change someone's life, but it may take only a minute with a passing stranger on the street or a month with a friend struggling through depression, or it could take 40 years of consistent care, love, and attention with someone who you are dedicated to, no matter what comes your way.

Life is too short already, so I want to seize every moment (whether that moment lasts a short minute or that moment passes by as a 40 year memory, flying by faster than we know) and every opportunity to positively impact a friend, a family member, or a stranger's life.

Why not spread as much good as possible in this short lifetime? We may find that our actions lead to a chain reaction of more people on this Earth being inspired to change the lives of those that they interact with, or pass by every day on the street.

That sounds like a pretty good mark to leave on this Earth if you ask me!

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Thanks! Good video.

I don't think we will ever know how many lives we impact. I try to kind, friendly, and helpful to everyone I encounter. You never know how a small gesture such as a smile can change someones life.

Other times we do know how we impact lives. One of my graduating debaters thanked me and my co-coaches for making debate an option for him. He said that if it wasn't for debate, he would have gone home after school and hung with his friends in the neighborhood. Many of them either joined a gang or got into drugs. Sadly a few of his old friends died as a result of their lifestyle. He said had it not been for debate, he would have choosen that lifestyle and would probably be dead.


Absolutely! And that’s a powerful example. Another life changed, along with those that we may impact and never know, like you mentioned.