Let’s talk about what steem is and SMTs

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Lately because of the free downvotes after HF22, I’ve been thinking about what Steem is, should it be a content platform or rather a social media platform, or should we all play spt instead of posting? Could SMT solve the current problems or is it only a ideal?

Have a good day and feel free to share your thoughts.

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帅哥/美女!请支持中文区的见证人, @abit @bobdos @ety001 @justyy @oflyhigh @partiko (首字母顺序),全投,一个都不要漏。假如我的留言打扰到你,请回复“取消”。

Some good discussion points. I feel that steem is at a turning point. From my perspective, the 50/50 curation has been a success. There is more reward now for those who create quality content and posters can still post but don't have to post too much. I think the slider bar can be used to decide how much should reward posts ... if they are social media type posts, reward a smaller amount and if they are more content rich, vote higher.

Thanks Pryde! I see raise in my curation as well although I still kept my autovotes but I cast more manually as well! It’s also hard to distinguish which belongs to which, I think steem has some branding difficulties!

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  ·  5 days ago (edited)

I wonder if I should buy steem slowly bits by bit. Community still seems alive but SMTs, no idea where it’ll go or just hype.

I wanna see how steemfest does this year online. Bangkok Great. Vietnam would be cool too;)

For steemfest I’ll try to dpcument my trip there! You not going seems?

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I work a 9-5. Didn’t exit 2018 in time so I’m in the same ol’ place 😂

Envious of your SE Asia trip though. Used to go a lot. I’ll be sure to check out your visit. Hope the crowd is quality if not as big as previous years.

Sorry I gave you only 5% upvote, but I promised in my post that I would give from 1 to 5% - I would give you 100% but some users who give minuses may get angry as if I and you are a team and a lobby group. Honestly, Steem tokens can solve the problem, but downvote is a negative campaign and not based on social networking reality. You explained nicely that friends are hooking up, but here we see one moment of great crisis, perhaps even panic, to save Steem. It is not crucial who will vote for whom because the source is limited, we can support one million people, maybe ten million people, but then the crisis comes again. So the best solution is to create a platform for Steem Tokens and everyone can vote for anyone but with some rules. Everyone can vote for themselves a maximum of once a day, for your friends set aside 20% daily, for all other new ones set aside 70% - this is just an example. When we have Steem tokens the first question is whether they have real value. To gain value first Steem must have power and appeal. We need to attract companies to invest in Steem or at least accept Steem as a payment method. If companies were to give a discount on products or services when buying with Steem, it would attract high traffic and value would be raised.
We have many users and if we give them the opportunity to have a 1% commission on the traffic from the company they bring to the Steem blockchain, then we will grow rapidly. The second step is to create a Steem platform for new tokens, then it would throw in the possibility for everyone to get on the stock market, I would open a school and give support to anyone who wants to do it as a business. Then we have the opportunity to grow with the number of users, to be rewarded by an unlimited number of people with different tokens and to have the quality really top the successful posts.

No worries about the %, good you drop by. I’ve actually been a supporter of EIP change on steem since the beginning, it’s certainly not perfect now. But at least it’s good you guys are supporting new users. It’s easier to say downvotes is not personal as it’s not anomynous after all, so it does feel personal which is normal.

About the rules you said can be a solution for sure, I don’t know if it’s possible, we see, it takes years to change something here on steem.

New investors are certainly important, I hope any good marketing efforts will be done!

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