Joy going fully manual!

in dtube •  3 months ago  (edited)

Inspired by some Steem friends, I’m going fully manual as well!

Although I’m no steem whale, my votes don’t matter much but it’s just a vlog about me going fully manual, just another vlog.

Happy halloween if halloween is celebrated wherever you are.

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greetings, dear @joythewanderer

Congratulations for this decision!!! You have my support, always!!!
bye bye

Thanks Juliano!!

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Using Autovoters may be frowned upon soon, I can see it coming.

Not sure if that would make or break things 😅

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maybe break lol

Well looking at myself I’d agree... maybe 10 of my votes are manual and I suspect the rest auto... many projects would come to an end including #onelovedtube if vote following becomes kiboshed

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It’s the same for me, and i guess even if i go manual, I’ll have to throw out random 100% votes whenever i see friends posting, i dunno if it’s gonna be better or worse, but may be interesting to see how it goes anyway. We don’t have time to consume content these days, people are busy. e.g. personally i don’t care much about how awesome certain artists’ art is, unless it’s like Klimt, I might like some self released alternative bands or something tho.

Amen it takes a fair commitment to do, good on yea 👌


Should the title be 'Joyfully going manual' or 'Going Joyfully manual'? 😎

You're funny! @ace108😀

heheh... you get it.

9 times out of 10!😀

you decide ^^

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Going manual is the only way to go. Nice going, Joy :)