Do you also pretend you are from another country when you are travelling?

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haha I do that all the time.

Since people always ask the same questions, it’s kinda boring to repeat the same answer, so I figured it’s more fun this way but sometimes it can be embarrasing when they do speak the language lol. Maybe I should learn some more languages.

How about you guys?

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Hahahaha I had a good laugh listening to your story, loved it.
No, I actually have never pretended to be from another country, but if I would been asked now, I would have kind of problems to answer that. Of course I will be always a born German, but I actually don't feel much of a German anymore. Would I like to say I am from Spain? Nope, not at all.
I think I would keep it with Barcelona, yes just the city I live in currently, no country needed in my opinion.
Greetings from Barcelona

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Exactly, no countries needed, I don’t really like that question either. For those who asked me, I reckon they are the ones who cared about countries. So to be fair I also make up a story for them ^^

Greetings from cold Belgium.

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Sooooon you will have warm, humid climate. Wish you a save and relaxed journey. Looking forward to follow your updates from Asia and SF4.

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Sure ^^

Ni hao!!! :P

PLS nooooooo lol

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Lol sorry!

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ha ha ha...
People used to think I'm from India by my look and accent. But I have to make them understand what 'Bangladesh' is.
It's always fun to talk in a different language (over the phone or to my native people) in another country when I know they can't understand me. But it's embarrassing if they can understand me. I faced it several times. LOL

But it's embarrassing if they can understand me. I faced it several times. LOL

lol, I like to surprise Dutch people by randomly saying something in Dutch if I'm queuing in front of them or something. Normally they are very surprised.

its sometimes a question about how safe you are and how you are percieved by people... if you travel in south east asia or some african countries they might dislike china... while for me i never needed to pretend to be from another country, as i realize despite germany having a horrible history, people think actually highly of germany.... when i was 11 years ago in esfahan (iran) there were some very serious anti american and anti israeli protests and people asked if i was brittish.. yet saying you are german means u get welcomed but can be also very uncomfortable as few iranians sometimes like germans for their horrible history with the americans and the jewish... can also be uncomfortable when people in other countries say "if hitler made it we would not have had stalin"

Yea, I don’t really need to pretend most of times, but there are sometimes I get tired of such question. I think it’s quite necessary though to say I’m from Taiwan instead of China if I ever travel to HK again. I don’t care much what people think about China, I don’t care about China much either, just to avoid unnecessary troubles or discriminations I guess. I remember people there are more friendly to hear broken English than mandarin. I understand them I don’t even mind pretending to come from another place.