The Road To 300 Steem Power - Build. Comment. Network. Repeat!

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Last week, I was so focused on the relaunch if ClickTrackProfit, I didn't take a look at the price of STEEM....

This week...I took a peak....Eeeeeeek!

But hey, to me...It's another chance to grab some at these current prices.

But if not, concentrate and focus on what you CAN control...

You can build on Steem!

You can comment and curate on Steem!

And you can network with and grow these amazing communities...

Focus on that and enjoy the ride :)

I know I am....

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

=> CTP Condenser -

=> CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

=> CTP Miner on Steem-Engine -

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You can also share your posts on
and may get some upvote from me :)

Dude, you are powering down!!! :(

and use it for Bot voting, not really taking it out of here

A 100 euro bought me 635STEEM this morning. I can't believe it but here we are :)

Yes, unbelievable! Apart from BitCoin, all other alt coins are in the doldrums.

I echo the sentiments of jongolson in his post. Steemit is one of only a few blockchains that has been developed and being used seriously!

lol man. i completely hear you on that. what a great time to get this stuff. i’ve got litecoin i usually trade for steem. just blows my mind what i can get for so cheap. loving it.

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You are worry only about what you can control. Building up your steem, building up your tribe tokens, comment on blogs to get folks to know you this is the sort of thing you can control. The price of steem you cannot so do not worry about it, unless you are buying some steem then pay close attention to it.

tons of opportunities....loving all these tribes right now!

Definitely agree Blockchain of opportunity. I am closing in on 850SP, where a couple of months ago I was thinking 100SP was the target before year end. I did manage to buy 400SP as a birthday gift, but the rest is engagement.

Nice nice....Congrats man, keep crushing it!

Great work. Cheers my friend.

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Thanks very much :)

@jongolson, Without any doubt we should try to focus and worry towards those aspects which comes under us. But yes, sometimes it's not possible and we have to go through with it. And always it's important keep some entertainment aspects in the schedule so that we can come out of the worry phase.

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never spend more than we can afford to lose. golden rule of crypto lol

Absolutely and it's important know the line because sometimes people cross the line and that decision can push them into Adversity.

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Thanks for being consistent and creating the content 24/7... I have tried to do that on my vacation, but I didn't succeed... At least, I was doing my SM giveaways regularly... :) Giving people free stuff was the top priority! :)

But, when I look back in last month, I missed a lot of things around STEEM and our great Discord community, but I'm back stronger than ever! :)

...and the price will come... :)


thanks man. appreciate the comments and glad you are back now. big things ahead.

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Thanks for a great video @jongolson, I think the most important that we can do is focus on building, as long as Steem keeps running then the price will also recover, but when building we make it stronger and what we build when it's low will be enourmous when it turns around because it will also follow Steem upwards when it does.

I also think that we have to go through this HF21 and have all of that settle before it will stabibilize and turn around, many people need to see that Steem is still there at the other end of that.

As to me I just keep building, stay awesome man.

Agreed....The HF will play a big part. Got some great coverage on the front page of Coindesk today about it.

Great I will check that out.

If you believe in steem (like I do) just keep posting content to earn and grow if you believed in steem when it was $10 why not 16 cents?

That's it...I'll just keep stacking and staking this stuff!

Fantastic @jongolson. Well done

thanks. appreciate it.

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What do you think about giving out CTP rewards half liquid and half staked? That is possible since yesterday Pal for example have already switched to that.

I'll have to read up about that....Saw that earlier and could be a nice option for sure. Thanks for the recommendation!

very good and perfect post I like your post

Thanks very much!

Will be hoping to hit the mark 300sp one day

Super easy to do it now. These prices are crazy.

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