The Noob Night Cryptocast - Live From Thailand

in dtube •  23 days ago  (edited)

He's alive!!!

And we found him in Phuket, Thailand on a balcony.....

@RichardTaylor arrived safe and sound in Thailand this past week and was able to hang out for this week's Noob Night show.

Be sure to watch for the word of the day and if you stick it in a comment, we'll send you a @SteemBasicIncome unit :)

Oh yeah....

Shameless self promotion....

The 'Official' CTP Merchandise store is open for business.


The Union Is Here!

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  ·  23 days ago (edited)

Awesome talk guys! :)

I remained with this quote:

Cowboy man, come back!


LOL Thanks man...SBI headed your way!

I have to admit, our cowboy @RichardTaylor looks much better there in Asia... Maybe it's because of the better climate, or he has tried some of those special "Thai massage" treatments :)

It's a great thing have a person live on the field... Nice info!

Ha ha ha ha ha the Thai Massages for sure lol

The cowboy @RichardTaylor sure looks much better under the sun rather than under the artificial light we normally see him.

He's glowing LOL

So the cowboy is in Thailand scouting out the grounds and talking Chinese crypto with a basement dweller from the Canadian tundra, great show stay awesome.

LOL Thanks man....Yeah we were all over the place this week.


Wow, great to see our cowboy alive and well!

Glad you got your bag back again @RichardTaylor and if you manage to give up smoking completely, good for you! I'm not ready to, yet! lol

Congratulations @jongolson on the new @clicktrackprofit swag store, it looks great!

Fantastic that the Chinese government gave Crypto the thumbs up, that will help us all! @steem being amongst their Top 10 is awesome! :)

I think we'll get there....We've got so many amazing people here. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world sees what we have :)

Amen brother! :)

@tipu curate

Thank you sir, much appreciated!

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In Thailand for just a few days and already legend status! What's that cowboy hat made of Richard? Here's hoping @jonolson can get a supply with a small CTP logo on the brim, and include that in his teespring merchandise.

Btw Jon, does teespring do affiliation? If so, perhaps we can set up an account and get that cool stuff from sales generated. My new blog I'm in the process of setting up needs some awesome sauce to add spice and flavor: some nice teespring banners to go with the CTP ones, methinks.

If only Richard had a CTP sticker affixed to his hat. Man, he could be the crying, talking, sleeping, walking, living doll for CTPtalk!