Pigeons in Halifax 2019 Friday May 3rd

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Pigeons in Halifax 2019 Friday May 3rd

Twitter 2019-05-13: https://twitter.com/Joey_Fancy/status/1128039833698435073
YouTube 2019-05-13:

BitChute 2019-05-11: https://www.bitchute.com/video/OKtMPnNAK6hh/

Off on an adventure, heading towards a coffee shop, time to stop and take a video of some Pigeons.

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The film is very interesting, emotions evolve with every second. Incredible!

Tru mate <3
every secound ;)


so nice - so exciting
Love this bro ;)


Quality content ✔
So many new pigeons i didn't expect that.
Is that the famous scene from Kevin alone?



Thanks, just some Pigeons in Halifax.