A Day With A Lineman #36 ~ Preparing for a Storm

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Welcome back my friends to another edition of A Day With A Lineman. It’s hard for me to believe that I am on the 36th installment... or episode... Or uh Ya. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all have learned a thing or to about being a Lineman and the Electrical Grid. I decided to shoot a little video as I was getting certain areas of our system prepared for the up and coming storm. Well as prepared as we can get them anyway.

A Day With A Lineman # 36 Preparing for a Storm


Sometimes there isn’t much we can do when Mother Nature unleashes her fury. Often times we are left to just react to whatever Mother Nature throws at us. Yet there are a few things we can do as a power company to be more proactive towards an up and coming storm. We try our best to keep the trees trimmed away from the Powerlines and there is one piece of equipment that we can use to assist in preventing fires. It is called a reclosure. In this video I go into a little detail about what this device does when a fault happens on the line. Like a tree branch lands across the line, the reclosure opens. Then the branch falls off, so the fault is no longer there. Instead of it staying open, it closes back in energizing the line. The customer only sees a little blink and that is it. We can set these reclosures to not reclose or place them on One-Shot. We also use this One-Shot feature when we are working on the lines while they are energized. This is for our protection just Incase something goes wrong it won’t close back in 2 more times after the original open.

I know this might sound like some foreign language but just think when I say “Open” that means the line is deenergized. When I say “Closed” that means the line is energized. Open the circuit, no electricity flows. Close the circuit the electricity is flowing. Got me??

So take a look at the video and I will hopefully be able to clear the mud a little bit.

Until next time...


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Excellent open/close explanation Splatts. How’s the weekend over there?

Just got back home from an outage but other than that I picked over a gallon of blackberries again. Lol. Dude I have 5- gallons of frozen blackberries. Plus we have eaten 1 already.

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Very interesting. Its funny how those polls seem to jump right out in front of moving vehicles. Hopefully no one was hurt.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Said they fell asleep at the wheel??? At 3 in the afternoon??? I’m ok whatever. Lol. Hopefully I can get this next one together this week, little by little.

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